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Laura Wommack

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of FCCLA AT THE TABLE

What is FCCLA at the Table?
A campaign asking members to take a pledge to plan, prepare and share healthy meals with their families.

Resources (at FCCLAatTheTable.org) include:
Dinner ideas
Food safety info
Showcases (on Instagram, Pinterest and more) that share student efforts and inspire others.
Why FCCLA at the Table?
The realities of our 21st century lifestyles and taken a toll on the family meal.
Yet research shows that children from families to eat together on a regular basis are more likely to have family support, have positive peer influences and positive adult role models.
Families who ate dinner together every day consume 0.8 more servings of fruits and vegetables and have higher intakes of important nutrients than families who don't.
Eating together improves academic performance!
What Can You Do?
Plan a night to prepare a nutritious meal with your family.
It doesn't have to be fancy! Even sandwiches can be a nutritious meal and bring your family together for a meal!
First make your pledge (at the end of this presentation) at http://www.fcclainc.org/content/fccla-at-the-table/
Want to go even further? Promote FCCLA at the Table in your school (this could be a Families First STAR Event project!).

Very Simple Meal Ideas
Soup and Sandwiches. Look for low fat and low salt soups and meats and whole grain bread or wraps.
Visit your market's deli - Get ready-to-eat salads, roast chicken and fresh bread.
Baked potato bar. Scrub and bake russet potatoes (the brown ones) for an hour at 350. Serve with low fat sour cream, cheese, steamed broccoli and cauliflower and chili.
Make pizza from pre-packaged dough and add a salad.
Are You Ready to Take it to the Table?
Pick a recipe.
Make the pledge.
Make a great meal for your family - your family will thank you!
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