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by Nouha n Rim

rim kadri

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of LK7 MALALA


The big miracle !
Malala's five hour surgery was successful. The doctors were choked that the surgery was successful. After the surgery they took Malala to work out and do in the computer so they can refresh her memory. Malala could not talk because she had a tube coming down her throat ,so the doctors gave her a pink notebook that she now calls her diary. So that she can ask them questions in it. One of questions that she asked was : were am i ,were is my father, who is going to pay my surgery. When the doctors answered her questions she did not want to bilieve the fact that the Pakistan government is paying for her surgery.
celebraties stand with Malala.
Most celebrities and important people in this modern time are supporting Malala with her wish of education ,like Selena , the Queen of England ,President Obama and more......
malala's goal
her goal is "peace and education for every child"
The big catastrophe !
It was one afternoon in the school bus . Malala was with her friends and they were all having fun with the school bus driver. Suddenly the Taliban came. The Taliban are a bunch of man that were destroying all the schools of the village because they believed that man only can have education, but man were not even going to school so they decided to destroy all of the schools.one of the Taliban man came in the school bus and asked the question .Who is Malala. Malala knew what was coming towards so she ducked by putting her arms around her face. Then he shot her right throug her head.
Malala was born on the 12 July 1997 in Mangora town of district swat in Pakistan , she was named after a pashtum poetess and warrior woman. she was a professional BBC blogger. Malala's religion is Islam.
after her horrible experience , malala wrote a book about her life and her feelings about what happened in her her earlier life. it came out during last fall.
her book
fast to the hospital !
After Malala got shot the police came as fast as they can after being contacted by the bus driver. They took her to the hospital as fast as they can . After allot of hard work they decided to give up and call the UK hospital. A helicopter came rushing through the small village of Pakistan. It took Malala sreight to the hospital.
we all pray for you Malala.
Peaple all around the world were praying for Malala . Meanwhile in the hospital the doctors were still working on the surgery. The surgery took 5 hours. The doctors thought to themselves if Malala wss ever going to be able to speak or listen again .
Family's visit
One day in the hospital, her family decided to surprise her with a visit to the hospital. Malala was very happy to finally sea her family. Malala had allot to tell them about, but she had to wait forher body to get better.
The talk !
The doctors talked to Malala's parents and they told them that it was a miracle that Malala is still alive. But Malala says that god gave her another live. Malala's parents thanked the the doctors and the peaple who fead her and took care of her.
There is no place like home !
Malala and her family decided to stay in the UK. Malala was so exited to have stayed in the UK. She has a new school and she was in a basketball team. Malala says that even though that she's in the UK were she is allowed to have an education and allot of riches she still says that there is no place like home.
Who is Malala !
malala was shifed to u.k at a hospital called Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.
what happend after her trajety ?
Malala was in the front page of the time's magazine. Her story was a hit, just after a few days .
banned from the school and was forced to remain silent against the brutal actions of extremists.
malala started already thinking about her countries politics problems at the a young age .
Awards that she has won :
*Honorary Canadian citizenship
*National Youth Peace Prize
*Sakharov Prize
*Simone de Beauvoir Prize
NOMINATED but did not win
nobel peace prize

Malala lives happily ever after with her family in england. She after becomes famous and wins international children's peace prize. She after gets to be in allot of interviews and important meatings. She got invited to the


ations . She also got invited to obabama. She won allot of rewards .

Iwill stand for education !
The Taliban have heard that a girl named Malala was having big protest against the idea of destroying the schools. The Taliban wanted to get back their revenge .
Rim Kadri
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