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Strategic Management

Doman Synthetic Fibres Plc

Jihanne MDB

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Strategic Management

Strategic Management
Case Study: Doman Synthetic Fibres Plc Jihanne Medjdoub
Anaelle Vaurs
Laurene Di Battista
Katarina Chmelova
Evon Huber
Anna Mielczarek
Dimitri Pokutniy I/ INTRODUCTION
1) Actual Strategy of the company
a) Presentation of the company and its strategy
b)Problem of the expiration of the patent / Product Life Cycle
1) Pestel Analysis
2) The Porter's 5 Forces model
3) The TOWS Matrix
4) Key success Factors
IV/CONCLUSION AND RECOMMANDATIONS Case study: SUMMARY Introduction : I/ Actual Strategy of the Company
1) Presentation of the Company
Exclusive right, granted by the government, to make use of an invention or process for a specific period of time. Patent Master 1 European Business Realities Doman Synthetic Fibres plc: A company which has drifted strategically

Britlene TO Crylon

The Main Question: How and if the New product "Crylon" should be handled ? Founded in 1946
• Dominant supplier in a niche market
Heavily dependence on Britlene
Britlene’s patent expiration
The development of Crylon
Prevent an invention from being stolen
Reduce competition
May expand market share
Overall, stimulate innovation Patent - Benefits Product/ Patent time line at DSF Product Lifecycle Analysis of the Environment
PESTEL Analysis of the Environment
Porter's 5 Forces
Primary determinants of success
Enables the company to achieve its mission
Core of the company’s activity
Especially good at
Focused on daily basis Key Sucess Factors Doman Synthetic Fibres
3 factories : close to the main markets, main customers and to a raw material supplier
Production of Crylon differs a little from Britlene’s
Should DSF create a new factory ?
Should it adapt the existing ones? Production Comparison between 2 options 3 Possible Scenarios Conclusion and Recommendations
.Optimizing R&D Processes

.Organizational Effectiveness

.Patent Protection
Issues :
- New plants will be necessary
- It could imply management difficulties
- Is a closure possible? 3 scenarios for the future development Conversion of Britlene plants Creation of a new factory for Crylon Continue to sale only Britlene "Two horse" Strategy
--> Britlene
--> Crylon Recommendations Eliminate Britlene production gradually and launching Crylon Advantages of "Two Horse" Strategy * Crylon = attractive for new industrials uses/ new consumers

* Crylon price = more profits

* Raw materials for Crylon = cheaper

* Patent protection of Crylon

Conversion Strategy SWOT Analysis TOWS MATRIX Key Success Factors in DSF PESTEL Thank you for your Attention !! HIGH STRONGEST MEDIUM LOW LOW In case of growing
demand for Crylon and
constant demand
for Britlene In the case of a growing
demand for Crylon
and decreasing demand
for Britlene Build new Crylon factories
and maintain existing
producing capacities of Britlene Direct all company’s
forces on the creation new plants
and conversion of Britlene plants
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