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Egg Helmet Project

No description

Amanda Bibiano

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Egg Helmet Project

Egg Helmet Project
By the Fab 4

What is it made out of and why
how it works
As we drop the helmet from high heights the helmet drops down and bounces as soon as it hits the ground which protects the egg because the helmet doesn't get damaged in any way and also the bubble wrap and cotton balls make sure that the egg is snug and well protected.
Description of Helmet
Our helmet is a round sparkly bouncy ball that is filled with bubble wrap, cotton balls, and cotton pads.
How it was created
Our helmet is made out of bubble wrap and cotton balls because as we put more and more of the materials into our helmet we noticed that as we put the egg into the helmet it was really snug and wouldn't crack because of the materials.
First, we cut the bouncy ball in half. Then, we cut the top of the ball for the insertion of the egg. Next, we taped the ball back together. After, we decorated the inside of the ball. Lastly, we padded the inside of the ball with bubble wrap, and cotton balls.
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