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The Great Fire: Chapter 5 Summary.

No description

Dravo Draconis

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of The Great Fire: Chapter 5 Summary.

The Great Fire: Chapter 5 Charactors
Claire Innes ,James Hildreth, Robert B. Mason, Joseph Chamberlin, Alexander Frear, Alfred Sewell, etc.
The Great Fire Chappie 5, "Chicago Is In Flames" Summary
James Hildreth
Was blowing up Harrison Street to prevent the fire from going south
Robert Mason
The mayor of Chicago is first mentioned in this chapter while he is receiving reports on the situation of Chicago, and he finally sends a telegram to the cities around the area, saying, and I quote, "CHICAGO IS IN FLAMES."
Joseph Chamberlain
He is first mentioned in this chappie after he has escaped the fire to the North Division. Then he goes to the West division, just before 7 O'Clock.
Alexander Frear
After escaping the fire, he heads directly to his sister-in-law's house. And after he thought lost his nephew to the fire he presumes the worst has happened to her and her family.
Alfred Stewell
He says, "O, what a horrible scene was presented to the view of the spectator on that gloomy [morning]... heaps of ruins, and here and there a standing wall, as far as the eye could reach, and far beyond..." etc. after he had noticed the stunned emotions of thepeople around him.
Claire Innes
She was trapped in an alley at the beginning of the chapter, unable to escape because fire was behind all but the bolted shut door[s], and it was so hot on either side of the alley she was "driven back"
The city in flames
refugees on boats
A large building on fire, perhaps a church or opera house?
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