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Welcome to Human Physiology

No description

Elizabeth Tomlin

on 10 January 2019

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Transcript of Welcome to Human Physiology

What do I need?
Mastering A&P
Online notes/lectures
Learning objectives

Class Format
1. Content accessed through textbook, online lectures, Mastering exercises
you come to class!

2. RAP: iRAT's and tRAT's

3. Problem solving, brainstorming and discussion of concepts

4. In-class team projects
What percentage of our body weight is water?
A. 25%

B. 60%

C. 95%

D. 30%

E. There is no
right answer
Welcome to Human Physiology (Bio 277)
Mastering A&P
Given what you have learned today about our class:
A. I promise to do my homework and be prepared to contribute to problem solving and discussion in class. I am ready to learn and contribute to my team!

B. I probably won't do my homework, I will likely miss classes, and am not really committed to learning physiology yet. Maybe I should drop now!
I or II
How is my grade calculated?
Lab add/switch forms

Available on Canvas
Due by Friday at 8:00 am
access to Blackboard, Mastering and other digital media is via:

A. PC desktop/laptop computer
B. Mac desktop/laptop computer
C. Ipad
D. My so called smart phone
E. Other
My major is:
A. Biology, chemistry,
B. Pre-nursing
C. Nutrition
D. Kinesiology
E. Other

What is problem-based
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