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Battle of Goliad

By: Natalie Russell, Grace Roznovsky, and Berkley Hays

Sheela Thomas

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Battle of Goliad

By; Berkley Hays, Natalie Russell, Grace Roznovsky Battle of Goliad A Summary of Goliad Results? The Battle of Goliad was a short battle, lasting only around thirty minutes. Very few Mexicans or Texans were killed or injured. Only one Mexican soldier was killed and three injured. Only one Texas soldier was injured. There were 120 Texas colonists that attacked, the colonists chose Goliad becasue it was very lightly protected by soldiers. The Battle of Goliad occurred early in the morning October 10, 1835 at Presido La Bahia. The reason it was so early was to take Mexicans troops at the base by surprise. When and Where Was The Battle of Goliad? In September, the Texas colonists made a plan to kidnap Mexican General Martin de Cos. It was the second battle in the revolution. There was a lot of tension and anger all throughout colonies. The revolution had just sparked. Why Did This Battle Happen? Some Texas leaders include Colonel James Fannin and Captain George Morse Collinsworth, who led Texas colonists into Goliad.

A Mexican leader is General Martin de Cos, who started to lead the Mexaicas to Presido La Bahia, but decided against it. Who Were Some Leaders in This Battle? Texans stole $10,000 worth stock of food and several cannons (later used in Siege of Bexar). The Texans also gained courage due to an easy defeat, they began to think of the Mexicans as "weak." The Texan's win caused the guards of Presido La Bahia to be isolated and have to wait for reinforcements. Goliad! Do you have any
questions? Now time for our Animoto!
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