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Analysing Magazine Covers

No description

John Duggan

on 13 September 2017

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Transcript of Analysing Magazine Covers

Analysing Magazine Covers
Identify Key Language
Main image
Left third
This is the title of the magazine and it usually gives an idea of what genre the magazine is. You should also identify the connotations contained within the title.
Take note of the main image. What are the representations contained in the image. What type of camera shot is it ?
The left third is the left hand
side of the magazine and it usually contains some of the main selling points of the magazine.
The coverlines tell you
what articles are contained
within the magazine.
The way a person or place appears how they have been re-presented to the reader. What does the editor of this magazine want you to think the person is like?
What are the meanings associated with this word (eg obviously relates to clothing but has connotations of being stylish and up to date). Also the pink colour used has connotations of being for girls and being feminine.
main image
Step 2
Take the A3 sheet and in pairs
identify the key terminology
Identify the key terminology on the example
of work you have in front of you
Step 3
Analyse the magazine covers
Look at:
Connotations of colours
Step 4
Evaluate the work in terms of:
target audience
Learning Objectives
To identify key conventions of magazine front covers using correct terminology
To apply the key terminolgy to magazine front covers
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