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No description

francis sherwood

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of DIMENSION

By Francis Sherwood
"We're in the black hole,
but we have entered another
dimension," said Harry.
This was both exhilarating and
terrifying, so in unison they all

Outside the craft they could
see a completely unfamiliar view
of a strange foreign universe.
Where were they?
Harry and Reeve were
neck deep in designs. They
had both been frantically designing
all night, and by the time the sun peeked through the trees in their back garden, they'd just about finished the final design.

It was an extremely complex design
and had incorporated every kind
of metal. This wasn't intentional
but a consequence of the
matrix needed to enter
the black hole.

To enter a black
hole they would need the
help of the only man on the planet with experience in a black hole. Burt Einstein was his name. He was retired but could be coaxed out of hiding quite easily with the prospect
reentering a black hole,
and this was exactly
what he would do.

Harry and Reeve
had been friends ever
since Harry rescued Reeve
from being jettisoned into
space by an renowned animal
thief who, under the threat of capture, dumped his cargo into space.

Reeve was the only
Life had not been
easy for Reeve. He had only just
survived the ejection from the ship
and had lost his two back legs in the
accident. Harry was outside building his first
ship at the time, and Reeve landed right on top of it.

Over the next couple of years, Harry took great care
of this puppy. Unfortunately his back legs were damaged beyond repair, so Harry designed wheels to replace them. The wheels were linked to the dogs brain, so he could control them by will. The wheels were then powered by the waste produced by the pup.

Harry decided to name the puppy Reeve after
the actor who played his favorite superhero,
Superman. The actor was called
Christopher Reeve, and he'd
also lost the use of
his legs.
Harry met
up with Burt in late
December. He went through
his designs and Burt found a
a few things that needed to be
changed. By the end of the month
they had a final design ready.

It took a bit of time for Harry to
adjust to taking criticism
from Burt, but after a
while he adapted to
his new teacher.
It took only three
weeks to complete the ship.
The construction was managed by
Reeve while Harry and Burt planned the
route they would take through space.

Over the time Harry had brought Reeve back from
almost certain death, he had used and experimental
medication. The medication was meant for humans, so it had some very amazing side effects. It was what allowed Harry to link the wheels to Reeve's brain, and most importantly, it gave Reeve a mental age of about 15 in human years.

Harry then taught Reeve,mostly through symbols,
how to do many things. There were controls
to his house and to many parts of
Harry's life that Reeve could use.
He became Harry's friend
instead of a pet.
The ship was ready.
The three explorers got on board
their ship. It was the most amazing
thing they had ever seen.

As Harry stepped onto the ship, he could hear
computers come to life around him, he could smell the fresh scent of the antibacterial fluid used to clean the new ship, and under his feet the ship felt extremely sturdy. It all looked so clean and sparkly.

There was food waiting, and Harry was especially
excited to see the canteen as he had designed it to be a small forest. Harry missed his home in Norway very much so had tried to make
the ship a little bit more like home.
Burt was not all too happy about
this as he was not a fan
of nature.
They set off into
space. It only took them two
days to reach the black hole, so
they decided to stop and have some food.

Burt reluctantly came along and sat in the
entrance to the cafe. It was literally a small forest.
He didn't want to be near anything green as he feared something would jump on him and try to take a chunk out of him.

By the end of his life though, Burt came to love that tree, and would spend hours each day sitting under it.

Reeve was chewing on an artificial bone while practicing one of his favorite hobbies, running.

Harry sat up a tree and gorged on fruit, nuts,
and some homemade apple juice.

Burt was listening to some of his old music,
so Harry wanted to have some peace
and quiet, and the largest tree he had
placed in the ship was
his personal refuge.
The next day
they entered the black hole.
It was over before it had

When they emerged on the other side, nothing was recognizable. They were all terrified.

To make things worse, Earth didn't seem to be on their monitors. In its place was a larger planet that seemed to have huge satellites around it.

They flew in close to take a look. What they saw there was even more terrifying. The planet was covered in insects, and these were no normal
insects. They were huge. The satellites were massive flying insects that would take the power of the
sun and change it into food. This food
would then be sent down to the planet
and used as
food by other insects.
By that
afternoon they had
arrived home.

They were all exhausted, but not too exhausted to plan another trip somewhere else.

Reeve was pointing to an area of space
that had a star formation resembling
a giant bone.

Burt wanted to test the limits of the
ship and take it to almost
the speed of light.
Burt and Reeve
were arguing, if you could call
it that, when Harry walked in with
a bowl of his space-grown strawberries.
Apparently they tasted better than anything you could possibly imagine, and
both Reeve and Burt knew this.

They all went silent as the got stuck into their strawberries.

Outside, the ship sat waiting to be taken off through another black hole to another
universe, but for now all the three
explorers were thinking was how
amazing space-strawberries
Reeve was
the first one to bolt for the
controls, followed by Harry, and
then by Burt. All three of them were terrified and wanted to go home.

Burt did say that he would have liked to stay and solve the puzzle of how this all happened, and Harry would have loved to have found a new way to power his space bike.

Reve had no liking to stay there whatsoever, and not one of them
was willing to risk landing on
this strange new world.
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