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Kenneth McRae

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of career

How to become a musician.
You will need to begin with an intrest and love in or for music. You would need to have a good voice or be able to play an instramint well and preform infront of many people. You would need to begin practising from a young age if you play an instrament and if you are a singer train your voice but not intencly until you have entered adolesence.
You will need a good imagination dexterous fingers good hand eye foot courdination and be able to work long hours.
Music shool in essential unless you get very very lucky and are sighned with a band before music school.
How much?
A musician rarely has a stedy paycheck and the average bar room rocker earns about 7.25$ an hour but some can earn up to 60.0$ an hour.

The low levle average income of a musician is about 16.000.00 $ yearly but the more populer the musician and or band the higher the income. The top end of musician salery is about 110,000.00 a year thats the average of the top 10%. About me
My name is Kenneth McRae. Im a jounior at new urban highschool. I do very well in subjects relating to history or math. I would like to improve largely in my biology class I find scince hugely interesting. Im involved in community service projects with my youth take action class, restoring johnson and tryon creeks. After highschool I intend on going to multnomah bible collage studying music and after 2 or so years transfering to alaska bible collage for 2 more years then returning home and attending ccc for at least a year and finishing school.

Working environment
bars, music halls, statiums,
clubs, and audetoriums.

Two big advantages to being a musician
1 if you love music you will love your job.
2 if you do well you will have quite a bit of money.
Two disadvantages
1 stress with band mates.
2 if you dont do well you will be very poor often. The types of personalitys attracted to this
line of work are usualy eccentric, artistic,
people who dont want to live a normal life.
people who want to make a statement, people who want lots of money, Or people who have a passion for music.

People can attend
most collages or universitys offer
musicianship classes or chorses.
There are several universitys that are only based on music. But these are often for large orchestras insted of guitar or band based instraments, and they are ludacrisly expensive.

You would need
a musicianship major
from an accredited
college of university...
or get really really lucky.

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