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Professional Liability

A short presentation regarding professional liability insurance for nurses

Chris Hasty

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Professional Liability

Personal Malpractice Insurance Can you afford to be without it? Reasons to have liability coverage: Who Supports Personal Liability Insurance? The American Nurses Association
For coverage of attorney fees, court costs, and loss of wages On average, liability insurance is about $90-100 a year
4-5 hours of an average Registered Nurses salary will provide coverage of up to $1,000,000 per claim ($6,000,000 per year) What is Professional Liability Insurance for? Professional Liability Insurance: I'm interested, how can I find out more... According to the Texas Nursing Association liability insurance will protect you against:
Real or alleged errors
Omissions in the course of your duties How much does liability insurance cost? This coverage includes, but is not limited to: You can be sued any time for any reason
Has your interests in mind not the facilities
Less out of pocket expenses (won’t exceed employers liability limits)
Protects you from BON disciplinary charges
24/7 coverage
Like having an attorney on call
Employer can sue you to reclaim costs after defending you in a suit
Covers assaults (medical costs)
At work
To and from work
Saves you time, money, and decreases anxiety (creates a peace of mind)
Covers negligence for decisions/ orders followed during high stress/emergency situations Coverage provided by your employer may be limited:
There may be gaps in coverage
You are not covered in lawsuits filed after termination
You are not covered when not in your facility
You are not covered when a procedure was not followed Additionally, what is in the best interest of your employer might not coincide with what is in your best interest... Here are some links to private carriers:

Liability insurance can also be purchased by going to the American Nurses Association website -
www.nursingworld.org Libel, slander, HIPPA Violation, assault on the job or to and from work, BON disciplinary charges, negligence, Client property damage, first aid expenses, lost wages, transportation cost related to trials. Texas Nurses Association References:
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