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Digital Marketing Caddie

No description

SyncLab Media

on 20 February 2016

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Transcript of Digital Marketing Caddie

Digital Marketing Caddie
Your Course Guide to Successful Digital Marketing
On The Tee
At The Green
In The Fairway
On The Tee Box:
Develop the Right Strategy
Amateurs benefit most from the opportunity to play with a good caddie because it teaches them the value of course management, the key to a lower handicap. Course management starts on the tee box, and every hole has its own strategy based on course conditions and where the hazards are placed. The goal is to stay in the fairway with a clear shot to the green.

Survey Course Conditions
Developing your digital marketing strategy requires careful thought and doing the necessary research. Tee it up after you have completed at least the following three tasks:

Identify Your Audience. Create a detailed profile of your ideal prospect
Listen and Watch. Research current viewing habits based on specific keywords and topics, and make a list of good and bad videos you find.
Get Social. Find and interact with producers of popular content related to your industry and/or competitors.

Identify Market Hazards
The keys to a sound video marketing content strategy are to know your target audience, identify messages they respond to, and address their obstacles to engagement.

When you are consistently active on the right digital marketing platforms, you can more easily identify audience objections to you products and services to address with new content.

A good tee shot is the first step toward a scoring opportunity. Do what it takes to prepare a sound strategy with a little room for error, and trust your swing. The time and effort invested in this process is critical to your video marketing success.

In The Fairway:
Produce Quality Engaging Content
So you may be asking yourself, “What are the characteristics of a good marketing content?”
To figure out what will work best for your business, start with another question. “How can we connect to and interact with our customers through video, and what kinds of video are they more likely to share and discuss with others?”

Know Your Distance to Front, Middle, Back
The first objective with an approach shot is to get on the green, so you must know the distance to the front, middle and back of the green. You will achieve the best scoring opportunity with digital marketing by following three basic content principles.

Keep Your Content Short and Concise
Entertain and Educate Your Audience
Focus on Solutions, Not Sales

Choose the Right Club
A lower handicap player executes approach shots with consistent distance and ball control. Consistently producing digital marketing content that meets basic production value standards will get your approach shots closer to the flag.

Quality content is becoming more and more important for achieving good engagement. If you want more birdie attempts consider hiring a proven digital marketing agency.

On The Green:
Score With Content Support
“Drive for show, putt for dough”. It’s great if you can bomb 300 yard plus drives down the middle of the fairway, but it doesn’t help your score unless you make the putt on the green.

The trick to making more birdie putts, or leaving yourself an easy tap in for par, is being able to match the break of the putt with the proper pace.

It's All About Pace
Judge the contour of the market you are going after, be aware of the grain of conversation on the platforms you choose, and commit to a long term steady pace of interaction to get your desired results.

Here’s my top three tips for making more birdies and pars with your digital marketing efforts:

Make Your Content Easy to Share
Start the Conversation and Stay With It
Focus on a Social ROI
Par Is Your Friend
Amateur golfers often fall into the trap of playing too aggressive, trying to hit difficult shots perfectly, and then getting upset when they play an entire round without making a birdie.

As you begin to integrate digital marketing in your business strategy, remember that conversation is your friend. Ongoing marketing efforts are much more effective when your audience is already viewing, sharing and talking about your content.

When you get the opportunity and convert a viewer into a customer celebrate your birdie with a good fist pump, but don’t let those successes dictate how you play the game day in and day out.

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Mark Neace
CEO / Creative Director
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