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Augmented Reality in Education

No description

Tryggvi Thayer

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of Augmented Reality in Education

Learning in Augmented Reality Tryggvi Thayer
University of Minnesota What "reality"? The "world" as it objectively exists An individual’s interpretation of their personal perception Reality is what is "out there" Reality is what "is" Can't be augmented Subjective reality Reality determined by the way we relate to what is out there Can be augmented through shared experiences and meaning! Made-up world Virtual reality Doesn't interact with objective reality Not "augmented" Learning with augmented reality Potential uses in any learning situation Augmented reality as a resource Enriches environments Many museums already doing this Creating augmented realities Engaging learning activities Experiential learning Mediating meaning Collaborative learning Real learning: Learning as "realizing" Extent of individuals' functional reality as a learning outcome How accessible and meaningful is any given aspect of reality to the individual? Shifts focus away from regurgitable factual knowledge Focus on individuals' competency to make use of available tools to extend their functional reality.
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