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Administrative Grievances

No description

No Confidence Billiken

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Administrative Grievances

Administrative Grievances By the staff of Students for No Confidence Reorganization of the Graduate School Closure of programs in the College of Education and Public Service History and Persistence of Issues http://www.slu.edu/college-of-education-and-public-service-home/schools-and-departments/public-policy-studies-home/programs-offered http://www.slu.edu/college-of-education-and-public-service-home/schools-and-departments/counseling-and-family-therapy-home/program-description http://unewsonline.com/2012/04/12/committee-retains-departments-but-eliminates-programs/ Events of Summer 2012 Law School Dean resigns citing conflict with Fr. Biondi http://leiterlawschool.typepad.com/leiter/2012/08/slu-law-dean-resigns.html http://nextstl.com/urban-living/slu-law-dean-annette-clark-resigns-citing-numerous-disputes-with-president-fr-biondi History and Persistence of Issues 1998-1999 Vote of No Confidence Disputes with Faculty Faculty Senate Minutes from
meeting on 11/10/09 Dr. Patankar's proposal on
11/23/09 Counter-proposal from Faculty
Senate Task Force on 12/15/09 Letter to Fr. Biondi from
Faculty Senate President Langan
on 12/16/09 Events of fall 2012 VP Patankar attempted to implement a proposal to review each faculty member's tenure every six years. Dr. Clark's letter to
SLU LAW faculty 08-08-12 Fr. Biondi's response to
SLU LAW faculty 08-08-12 Div 1 Universities
202-221 schools/year (schools with numerous graduate programs).
Div 1 Universities with medical schools
61-70 schools/year (all reporting except top 20 NIH funded schools).
Div 1 Catholic and Jesuit universities
8-13 schools/year (Boston C, Fordham U, Georgetown, Loyola, Marquette, Catholic U, DePaul, St. John’s, Notre Dame, U San Diego, U San Francisco and Univ. of St. Thomas).
Div 1 Jesuit Universities
5-6 schools/year (BC, Fordham, Georgetown, Loyola & Marquette).
Peer universities
1999-2009 – List of schools identified by university for comparison (Jesuit, Catholic and midwestern universities)
2009-2011 – List of schools identified by VP-Frost office as comparable or aspirational schools. Comparison Groups Analysis of Total Revenue and Total Functional Expenses at St. Louis University
as determined by Charity Navigator using IRS 990 forms (for non-profits). Rank comparison of average SLU salary with average salary from other institutions July 27, 2011 These data were obtained from the AAUP annual faculty salary survey.
Compiled by Mark Knuepfer with statistical analysis assistance from Terry Tomazic *These data do not include salaries of the faculty at the Schools of Medicine The mean salary of SLU faculty compared to the mean salary of faculty at other Div. I universities, universities with medical schools (except top 20), other division I Catholic and Jesuit schools and Peer universities.

The relative rank of average SLU salaries is compared to each of these groups. Mean SLU Faculty Salary* Comparison 1999-2011 Faculty response to proposal, late August-early September Letter from VP Patankar addressing concerns from faculty 09-04-12 Faculty Senate Executive Committee report discussing the abandonment of the tenure proposal mid-to-late September Letter to Fr. Biondi from Faculty Senate informing him of their vote of no confidence in VP Patankar 09-26-12 Letter from Chairman Brouster stating affirmation of confidence in both President Biondi and all Vice Presidents 09-24-12 Letter to Faculty Senate from Fr. Biondi expressing full support of VP Patankar 10-02-12 Statement of collaboration between Faculty Senate, Deans, and administration 09-17-12 OTHER CONCERNS Faculty Senate Meeting
October 30th
The meeting may be open to students. Future Faculty senate/sga Meetings Consistent disregard for student opinion and refusal to give students a decision in the governance of this University as it pertains to them

1999 precedent results
How PCC meetings were changed to monthly and Executive Staff meetings switched to weekly

Students consistently "involved" in matters after they have been decided.

Students were not informed about the controversial Housing and Security policy changes last years until after they had been decided upon.
Student Life Slow decline within the top 100
We have dropped from 77 to 92 over the last five years

It is interesting to note that, other schools with half our endowment (such as Fordham) have risen as far as 58.

Currently, we are the only Catholic Jesuit college that has declined in the National Universities rankings. Business Concerns We encourage everyone to ask questions and seek knowledge about every issue.

We encourage that we begin these important discussions now, so that we are well prepared for future actions and can respond in an organized and professional manner.

Email your SGA senator to let he/she know your opinion on these vital matters. Final Encouragements It is also stressed that students keep in mind how the Jesuit Mission applies to students and its importance to this University.
“Encourages and supports innovative scholarship and effective teaching in all fields of the arts; the humanities; the natural, health and medical sciences; the social sciences; the law; business; aviation; and technology.” (Preferential treatment for sciences, closure of schools in CEPS)
“Wisely allocates its resources to maintain efficiency and effectiveness in attaining its mission and goals.” (Teacher’s salaries)
“Creates an academic environment that values and promotes free, active and original intellectual inquiry among its faculty and students.” (Faculty requests for anonymity) Jesuit Mission (Environment) The Faculty Executive Board has devolved the no confidence decision down to individual colleges.

The college of Arts and Sciences in the previous week broke down into three committees.
Public Relations
Represent faculty in a more organized way to the media.
Coming up with ways to educate students on the issues.
Have discussed having “teach-ins” or canceling class.
Strategic Planning
Work on the next steps
“99” grievances Current Faculty Action Retention of Faculty
Great Professors, discouraged by the current administration’s actions, are seeking application at Universities that can offer more competitive pay.
Resignation of faculty, deans, and chairs has also been brought up as a grave possibility.

Environment of Fear
Some Professors will refuse to discuss the issues over SLU mail.
In some colleges, Professors have been discouraged by their Deans to discuss the issues.
At the Arts and Sciences Council Meeting, it was brought up that faculty were feeling overwhelmed by research requirements. overarching faculty Concerns
Stagnation over the past seven years has shown an increasingly worrying trend that the University has been unable to find donors

Gifts over the past ten years have not risen above 1.9% of market value and fallen as low as 0.6% from 2009-2011. Meanwhile, the average has remained between 2% and 3.5%, consistently above SLU’s numbers.

Other universities have increased their endowments (Holy Cross, Santa Clara, Fordham) and overtaken SLU (Georgetown). Business Concerns SGA Meeting
Every Wednesday (October 24th/31st)
The meeting is open to students. Renee Richter (rrichte7@slu.edu)
Heather Brocksmith (hbrocksm@slu.edu)
Rebecca Glasgow (rglasgo1@slu.edu)
Ryan McKinley (rmckinl1@slu.edu)
Laura Frye (lfrye3@slu.edu)
Andrew McLaughlin (amclaug8@slu.edu)
Phoebe Heibeck (pheibeck@slu.edu) Arts and Sciences Senator Information Graduate students
Priscilla Hammon (phammon@slu.edu)
Robert Adams (radams18@slu.edu)

School for Professional Studies
Gary La Buray (glaburay@slu.edu) Medical Campus Senator
Information Doisy
Shivani Singh (ssingh22@slu.edu)

Public Health
Andy Wilmes (awilmes@slu.edu)

Medical School
Tarek Adam (tadam1@slu.edu) Jessica Stearns (jstearn2@slu.edu)

Brittnee Baumann (bbauman2@slu.edu)

Ian Paetow (tpaetow@slu.edu)

Rong (Fiona) Chen (rchen15@slu.edu) John Cook School of Business
Senator Information East Campus Senator Information Education and Public Service
Ellie Cash (ecash@slu.edu)
Samantha Radcliffe (sradcli1@slu.edu)

Niko Temofeew Senator ntemofee@slu.edu
Parry Draper Senator pdraper@slu.edu Graduate and Professional Senator Information For more information, email noconfidencebilliken@gmail.com or like our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/NoConfidenceSLU
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