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Examining online sources

No description

Melissa Barajas

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of Examining online sources

How can tell which sources are reliable?
Look at the URL
.com- Stands for "commercial." Websites with this suffix intend to make some sort of profit for their services. They typically sell goods or services.

.org- Stands for "organization." Primarily used bu non-profit groups such as charities and professional organizations.

.net- Stands for "network." Used by internet service providers or Web-hosting companies.

.edu- Stands for "education." Used by major universities or educational organizations or other institutions.

.gov- Stands for "government." Used by U.S. government sites.
Do you believe everything you read on the internet?
Examining online sources
Let's take a closer look!
Internet Research involves:
Search engines
Gathering information
Website– treasure or trash?
Crediting sources
(avoiding plagiarism – no copying)
Synthesizing info (putting it together)
Presenting what you have learned

Ever try to locate information online, and get too many results or no results at all??
Keyword searching:

*Powerful if done correctly.
*Very fast.
*Used with search engines on the Internet.

The Big Mistake!!!!
Usually, people use search terms that are too broad. This will produce too many results that are not relevant to your topic.


You must provide a word or set of words that will enable a computer to find matches, or “hits.”
What are the effects, if any, of television violence on children?
Keywords: effects
television violence

Phrase Searching:
VERY USEFUL searching TIP!!!
Using quotation marks “two words”
Tell the computer to look for two or more words together:

“television violence”
“acid rain”
“Red River Valley”
“Red River Valley of the North”

Search String
A search string is one word or a string of words that you ask a Search Engine to use so it can find that specific piece of information online.

Some Search String Strategies...
What it does...
chocolate chips= Searches for websites that contain either chocolate or chips.
+chocolate+chips= Searches for websites that contain both words. Be sure there is no space between the plus sign and the word.
"chocolate chips"=Searches for websites that have both words, found right next to each other.
"chocolate chips"-cookies=Searches for websites that contain the phrase "chocolate chips" but do not contain the word "cookies".

Why do we need to evaluate sources?

*Virtually any person can publish almost anything on the Internet.

*Unlike most print sources, web sources do not have to be professionally accepted and edited to be published.
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