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By: Evan Pescosolido

Evan Pescosolido

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Soccer

By: Evan Pescosolido Soccer Referees Referees aren't ever perfect. A lot of the time calls are wrong and it sometimes costs you the game. strategies of playing Lots of people that play Soccer play with a different strategy. some people play on the ball, when some one dribbles up to them with the ball the charge right at them trying to take the ball. Others play back waiting to see which way they will go then they chase them down field. Endurance To be a good soccer player, you need to have endurance and anticipation lots of the time people get hurt. You have to know what to do when you get hurt. equipment Wearing the proper equipment is vital to soccer. The referees don't even let you play if you don't have shin guards, kleets, and knee socks. goal keeping goalie is one of the hardest positions to play, and sometimes most dangerous. You have to be very cautious about what you do when a shot is taken on you. teamwork Teamwork is the most important thing to know in soccer. You need to trust your team mates, you need to pass to everyone even if you don't think their good enough. offense Forward is the third most important thing in soccer. In forward you have to have trust and power. If the offense doesn't score then you can't win a game. defense Defense is the second most important thing in soccer because if their were no defense then there would only be one layer of protection on the goal, the goalie. With a good defense the goalie hardly ever gets the ball.
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