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Pendragon: Merchant of Death

My book report on the first book of the Pendragon Series

Giovonni Taylor

on 21 May 2011

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Transcript of Pendragon: Merchant of Death

Pendragon: Merchant of Death Bobby Pendragon goes with Uncle, Press to a old and broke-down train station. Then a cop a comes ands starts to open fire on them.
Press said it was a guy called "Saint Dane" and told
Bobby to head to a door that has a star on it and will
trasport he some where safe. Bobby heads to the door and enters.
He soon is flumed to a different parallel
universe. Bobby enters a alternate dimension called
Denduron. Denduron is when the knight-age does't end, but continues. When Press escapes "Saint Dane",
he follows Bobby and flumes to
Denduron. Soon, as Press gets to Bobby, he is beaten and kidnapped
by a group of knights called the Kagan. Bobby is knocked out by Quigs. I this universe, they are huge
bears with spikes on their back. (A flume is like a portal) Plot Quigs are deadly animals that are in every universe. They are different in each universe. Ending- Bobby saves the universe from destruction
by destorying the Tak. Bobby is found by Milago glaze miners and was healed by
a woman named Osa. Soon, the Kagan find out where Bobby is a try to capture him.
Instead, they kill Loor's mother Osa. Osa has a daughter named Loor and is not very friendly to Bobby. Loor and Bobby meet in the mines and meets a guy named
Alder. They plan a way to sneek into the castle and get Press out. Glaze is a type of dimond in that universe. They sneek in, but get caught and sent to executed by Quigs. They escape by Bobby's dog whistle and rope to climb up from the Quig den. They soon find out that Press was sentenced to death as well. They head back to the village of the Milago and get capture because the Milago don't want them to mess up there plan to have war with the Kagan. The Kagan are the rich people and the Milago are the poor.
Kagans treat them like bugs and force them to mine for glaze or they die. The Milago find a mineral that is like a explosive that is five times stronger than a grenade.
It's called Tak. The Milago march up to the Kagan castle and start fighting. They also planed to blow up the Kagans with the Tak. Bobby stop the Tak from being blown up and stops the war by blowing the whole Tak cave up. The huge explosions stops the war and brings the Kagans and Milago together to rebulid the place. Bobby Pendragon 14yrs. old Blonde Blue eyes Athlete He gets scared when it comes to fighting Personality Loves his family more than anything. Nice to those who are nice. Loves basketball Jock Smart What you learn about him He has a girlfriend He has a friend who like to read in the restroom (Also loves carrots) Back on the "real" Earth, Osa gives Mark (Bobby's good friend) a ring so Bobby can write storys about his adventure. Mark Courtney Bobby is a traveler Important things he does Stops a war Records his life there on the universe just in case he dies Brings two enemies together to be friends Setting It's in the medevil times. There is a village and not to far is a caslte of the Kagans. Milago Kagan Mud, wood, and stone for houses Poor Rich Castle Owners Slaves Villagers Knights Miners Traders Their are many trees around the village and the castle. Theme The theme of the book is when Bobby saves a
parrallel universe from its destruction. Do not abuse power of weapons. Thank you for Listening!
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