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Richard Adams

on 16 April 2017

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Transcript of OrgSync

OrgSync Defined...
OrgSync creates an online community for campus that helps departments, programs, and all member-based organizations streamline processes and drive engagement. The platform reflects your institution’s unique structure and helps you connect and engage with the populations you serve, improves information sharing, minimizes paper usage, tracks co-curricular involvement, and allows you to generate reports on all data collected for annual reports and accreditation.
Portal Credentials
Admin Privileges
Profile Setup/Edit
Upload documents
News Feed
Promotion Tool
Editing Events in OrgSync
• Edit Events
• Calendar Tool

Advisor Roles and Responsibilities
• One-on-One w/ Presidents
• Calendar
• Stay In Your Lane (Professional roles versus student roles)
Contact Person
Who to call when the process fails…
Process of Event Planning
Planning (4 W's)
Meeting with Advsior
Critiques and Advisements
Create an Event in OrgSync
Creating Events in OrgSync
o Approval/Disapproval – Each reviewer must approve in order for the request to move to the next reviewer.
 Advisor (1-2 Business Days)
*add advisors as event reviewer
 Building Coordinators (3-5 Business Days)
• PAC Approval Process in different
• If difficulty arises with the building coordinator, it will be the responsibility of the advisor to communicate with the respective coordinator. (After the 5th business day)
 Emergency Management (2-3 Business Days)
 Campus Safety (2-3 Business Days)

Revitalizing the Organization Reservation Process

Community Admin
Portal Admin
Advisor Approvals
Event Approvals Dates
Advisors Trainings (Monthly)
Organizational In-Service (Bi-Monthly)
Building Coordinator
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