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Art during the 1930s

No description

Sanjana Ahuja

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Art during the 1930s

Styles of art in the 1930's:
-Mexican art
-the great depression American Gothic
by Grant Wood The weeping woman
by Pablo Picasso

-painted in France in 1937.
-study of how much pain can be communicated by the human face.
- Summary:
art in the 1930s is th same as art today, it is used to describe a persons expressions or feelings or just to convey a message about the time period. sometimes art is used as a form of entertainment. Grant Wood's american gothic is a form regionalism and it shows the troubles faced by people and their turn to agriculture. Pablo Picasso's The weeping willow describes troubles after the bombing of a spanish town. curry's self portrait was just a symbol of his talent HISTORY OF ART
The arts, like everything else in the 1930's were dominated by the great depression. Art was used as a form of entertainment. 1930's art was influenced by social, political, and world events going on in that time period. Artists painted their experiences from the world war, the great depression, and the rise of nazism. -this was the most famous painting of the decade.
-the woman's troubled expression and the man's subtle face points towards the great depression.
-the pitchfork is a symbol of agriculture. Kansas Pastoral: Planters family
by John Curry. thank you!!
presentation by Kali, sanjana.Jovan and Kevin:) Painted in 1935 by M.C. Esher the title of this artwork is called "Hand with Reflecting Sphere" . In this painting the sphere is reflecting Escher and his room and some of his works. This is an example of Lithography which was common in the 1930's. A piece of Surrealism art by Salvador Dali called "Soft Construction with boiled beans." This is an example of surrealism art which was popular during the 1930s. Another artwork that was painted by Pablo Picasso, a famous artist during the 1930s
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