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The last time we say goodbye

No description

Trinity Castilloux

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of The last time we say goodbye

The last time we say goodbye
Cynthia Hand
Create a timeline of the novel outline. Add all of the important events from the introduction ,rising action , climax and conclusion. Add pictures and visual diagrams.
Time Line
Part B
Find a message or moral that the author is trying to give in the book.
Underlying message
3 events were I felt strong emotions. Explain these feelings.
Cynthia Hand
Rising Action
Tyler's room
Ex girlfriend
Alexis did not read it
Save Tyler
Text message
"Hey Sis we need to talk"
That night she was on a date
She pushed the phone away
Falling action
She blames her boyfriend on Tyler's death
Because he is a distraction

Curly hair
Hazel eyes with gold
18 years old
In her senior year
12 th grade
2 years older then Tyler
Lives in Nebraska
Going to MIT
16 years old
Curly hair
Hazel eyes with gold
Died during Christmas break
Basket ball team
Lives in Nebraska
Introduction part 2
2 Times
In the garage
Smelling cologne
Seeing Tyler
While watching television
Alexis had the guts
In the bathroom
Ashley gave it back
Read it in the library
Lexy gives the letter to her Ex
He feels sorry and apologizes
Lexy has a dream with tyler.
They are playing cards
If Lexy wins she gets to say goodbye to Tyler
she has one card left in her hand and she needs the hole deck ...
... "Bye Ty," i whisper.
He smiles and turns his card over.
Don't be scared and be courageous
Lexy was scared to give the letter to Ashley but in the end she was having the courage to give her the letter.
She got a scholarship for MIT and she will have to leave her mother who thinks that her life is over home in Nebraska.
I recommend this book to reader that like bigger books.
If you prefer comedie books this book is not really for you.
More so a drama book.

Therapist, Dave told her she needs to start writing and she wrote about how she thinks its her boyfriends fault and in the end she has the courage to give the book to him
I was feightend when I was reading the part were Lexy sees Tyler's ghost. This event was something I was not expecting in this book. This happened early in the book so it captured my attention quickly, and made me want to read more.
I was sad when they were talking about how Tyler died. Also his friend committed suicide not long after Tyler's passing and at that moment I was feeling sad because I hate to see someone or something suffer.
I was frustrated when I realize that Lexy could of saved Tyler because of the text message
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