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Sons of Anarchy vs. Hamlet

No description

Samantha Perry

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Sons of Anarchy vs. Hamlet

Sons of Anarchy vs. Hamlet Background on SOA Jax vs. Hamlet -His father, John Fuller, was president
of the motorcycle club and passed away
from what we originally thought
to be a heart condition, but later
come to find out that it was really
his dad's best friend, Clay, who
killed him.
-He lives his life trying to return the
club back to what his father originally
made it to be.
-Frequently reads his dad's old journal
and letters to remember his dad and
discover what the real cause to his death
-His father, King Hamlet, was killed by his brother, Claudius, so he could become king.
-He is haunted by the ghost of his dad and the truth behind his death, knowing that he must avenge his dad by killing his uncle/step dad.
John Teller vs. King Hamlet -President of the SOA.
-Killed by his best friend
who later went on to marry
his wife.
-Haunts his son through
his journal entries and letters.
-King of Denmark.
-Killed by his brother who later goes on to marry his wife.
-Appears in front of his son in his ghostly form and haunts him with the knowledge of his death and the need to avenge it. Clay vs. Claudius -Kills John Teller, his best friend,
in order to become the president
of the motorcycle club.
-After killing his best friend and
taking over the club, he marries
Teller's wife.
-He likes things to be done his
way and will do anything to
"stay on top". (AKA kill people) -Kills King Hamlet, his brother, so he can become king.
-Marries his brother's wife after killing him.
-If his position on the throne is threatened at all, he will send people to spy and possibly kill them if his suspicion is true. Gemma vs. Queen
Gertrude -She is the woman in charge in
the SOA.
-She knows that Clay killed her
husband, but is kept in the dark
by Clay about how or why it
-Married Clay after her husband's
death, most likely because she
still wants to be in the club and
be the main lady. -She is the Queen of Denmark.
-There is speculation that she was part of her late husband's death or that she had knowledge of what really happened.
-Married Claudius after her husband died so she could still be Queen. How Ghost Affect Our Lives There are many connections that can be made between Sons of Anarchy and Hamlet. The one I found most interesting though, is the strong connections both Jax and Hamlet share. Both of them are haunted by the ghost of their father. Hamlet literally talks to his father's ghost and discovers the truth about his death and that he must avenge it. Jax is haunted by the journal entries and letters that his father left behind, written about the "end" of the Sons of Anarchy, and tries to relive what his father created when starting the club. Through those writings, Jax gets the notion that his now step dad was the one who killed his father. On the paths their fathers set them out on, they both make very rash decisions due to their poor responses to crisis and hardships, and later pay for it and have to face the consequences.
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