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Izabella M

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of asdfghjkhgfd

Reality Fair By: Izabella Mocarski Rm. 308 Gr. 8 1. Career Results 2. Career Choice Graphic Designer 3. Why? I chose to be a Graphic Deisgner because I enjoy doing things that are art related, or require a large and wide range of creative thinking. 4. Education/Training A Bachelors Degree in graphic design, is required for most entry-level and advanced positions. It is also suggested to have good communication skills, as well as a sense of creativity. 5. Job Outlook Employment is predicted to
increase over the years. As a
result, people with designing skills
are said to have to biggest oppurtunity
to get these jobs, due to constant
demands from magazine or other
advertising places. 6. Beginning Salary $40,861 7. Responsibilites 8.Working Enviorment 9. Related Careers Commercial and Industrial Designers
Fashion Designers
Floral Designers
Interior Designers
Computer software engineers and computer programers
Desktop publishers
Adverstisor, Marketer, Promoter, Public Relationist, and Sales Manager
Author and writer
Prepress technician 10. References www.bls.gov/oco vcc.asu.edu/ccis/index.php Enviorments vary. Generally, it depends
on what kind of company they work for,
but they mostly sit in either their own
studios, or offices. If for a large company
then they tend to work regular hours and
in a well lightedenviorment. Those working
for smaller designer companies tend to get hours
that are adjusted to what works best for
them. If selfemployed, then they usually
end up in a stuffy enviorment and end up
working longer hours. Transportation,
Distribution and Logistics
Arts, A/V Technology
and Communications swz.salary.com/salaraywizard/layouthtmls/swzl_compresult_national_cm02000018.html Graphic designers can be responsible
for a variety of things. It depends on their
area of focus and expertise. Some things
that a graphic designer can do is:
Market Research
Logo Design
Poster Designs
Magazine Layouts
Book Layouts
Book Covers
Product Packaging
TV commercials
T-Shirt Designs
Motion Video Graphics
CLothing Designs
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