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Food and Meals

By: Julianna Flournoy and Brandon Arellano

sixth food and meals

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Food and Meals

Food and Meals What is ahimsa and how does it work?
ahimsa is a formal name for belief and it means "noninjury" or "nonviolence" and when this happens it states that people should not eat particulaly beef!

What are some common Indian dishes?
some commom dishes are aloo gobi it is a curry dish made of cauliflower and patotoes.Many Indian dishes are served with side dishes such as yogurt, pickles, and a spicy fruit relish. What practices do hindus preform before eating? Hindus often set aside some uncooked rice in a jar while they are cooking. They do this to remind themselves that food is meant to be shared with others. The rice is later given to a charity, temple, or poor family.

How do Hidus eat their meals? Indians may sit around a low table or around a blanket placed on the floor. Indians typically eat with their hands, using the right hand to eat and the left hand to pick up their drinking glass to serve themselves food. Northern Indians tend to use only the tips of their fingers when they eat. By: Julianna Flournoy and Brandon Arellano Thanks for watching!
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