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The Misuse of Book Voucher (BB1M)

No description

Nabilah Ariffin

on 17 May 2016

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Transcript of The Misuse of Book Voucher (BB1M)

Objective of Study
Background of Study
Problem Statement
High prices of academic books.
Students purchase non-academic items.
Students cash the voucher.
Purpose of study
Literature Review
Significance of study
Definitions of Book Voucher (BB1M)
The use of something in the wrong way or with the wrong purpose.
Research Methodology
Scope of study
To find out the causes of the misuse of the BB1M among the students.
The location : UiTM Segamat.
People or organizations involved : Individuals in UiTM.
Sources of data : primary and secondary.
Specific respondents : Staff, Degree students and traders of UiTM Segamat.

The Misuse of Book Voucher (BB1M)
Nabilah binti Mohd Ariffin.
Anis Rasyidah binti Rashid.
Nur Liyana binti Othman.
Nur Aifa binti Samberi.

The misuse of book voucher.
Students bought non-academic items.
No enforcement on ground.
Vendors may not fit to be part of BB1M.

To find out the factors that cause students to abuse the BB1M.
Propose a way to reduce the misuse of the book voucher among the students.
To educate and moralize the students to make full use of the book voucher
To assess the factors that lead to late distribution of BB1M.
To identify the causes students trade the BB1M to money as part of misuse.
To study the traders that offer non-academic goods that can be purchased with the book voucher.

To reduce the misuse of the book voucher.
Educate the students on the proper use the BB1M and moralize the students.
Lead to intellectual and critical-minded graduate.

Initiative of MOHE
To ease financial burden of students
To investigate the Misuse of 1Malaysia Book Voucher
Degree students, staff and traders of UiTM Segamat
Research Instrument
Questionnaire and article
Open-ended and close-ended questions
Research procedure
Non-random sampling
Questionnaire were distributed at various places
10-15 minutes to answer question
Section A
Section B
Section C
Section D
Respondents opinion
Respondents recommendation
Restatement of study objectives
1st objective: Government inefficiency and mismanagement.
Government should consider the study period of the students.
2nd objective: The late distributions causes them to already buy the required books for their studies in advance.
3rd objective: The traders want to gain more profit.
They taking advantage on the students by offering the non-academic items to the students.
Distribute book voucher to students in the beginning of semester.
Extend or terminate the expiry date.
Give the book voucher in money form.
Small number wants government to give them free books.
Exterminate the limit of book voucher to only books.
Limitations of study
Ensure that our respondents answers all questions.
Time limitations in distributing and collecting the data.
Problems in finding the past research.
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