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Cloud Storage

GEK1500 Project Number 2

Eugene Lim

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Cloud Storage

With regards to storage media, less and less emphasis has been placed on physical storage Cloud Storage Benefits of Cloud Storage Frees up physical space Accessible wherever there's internet Not susceptible to physical damage Share data easily Lost device ≠ lost data How does Cloud Storage work? But data servers require maintenance! How do providers ensure clients can access their data 24/7?
Information is stored on multiple machines
With this, providers can take several machines down for maintenance, while ensuring that other machines are still up and providing service Popular Cloud Storage providers Dropbox
Google Drive
Google Docs
Photobucket (pictures only)
YouTube (videos only)
Many more... Some providers provide purely storage services (Dropbox).
Others allow viewing, editing of data (Google Docs, Photobucket, YouTube). Risks involved in Cloud Storage Reliability/Stability Security Threats Power failure might result in loss of access to data servers Solution: Provider can invest in "uninterruptible power supply (UPS)" Service providers might go out of business Hackers Employees of cloud storage provider have access to data Food for Thought Floppy disks are now near-extinct
Increasing number of laptops come without CD drive At the same time, there's been emphasis on increasing connectivity to the internet. Decreased cost, increased environmental friendliness More emphasis should be placed on Cloud Storage, moving toward a cloud-centered world where everything is in the "cloud" and less things are in your hands. What is Cloud Storage? Cloud Storage = Data storage on online data servers hosted by third parties That means...

You can save your files, over the internet, on a data server (essentially a massive hard drive), usually owned by a "Cloud Storage provider".

Many people can sign up with this provider to share the space on the data server. Once the files are saved on the data server, you can access them anywhere, as long as you're connected to the internet. All of these examples fit into the "Cloud Storage" category because information is stored on data servers (ie; stored "in the cloud"). Could compromise data via: Internal Security Hackers Internal Security Solution: Client should store copies of important data in different locations! Trend is towards connecting machines to the internet 24/7 Cloud Storage should no longer be viewed as peripheral and extra storage; Eg: Google Chromebook; a step toward an increasingly cloud-based future Direction for the Future? Possible to see a future where no physical storage media is necessary Everything could possibly be stored on network drives, data servers etc Less resources will be used to build individual computers and individual pieces of storage media (CDs, DVDs, Hard disks) Direction for the Future? What is Cloud Storage? Benefits of Cloud Storage How does Cloud Storage work? Popular Cloud Storage providers Food for Thought Risks involved in Cloud Storage Data storage? Data servers? Viruses/backdoor programs Stealing physical data servers Could potentially jeopardize the security of your data (you're not the only one who has access to your files) Solution: Authorization "Lower level" employees authorized to access only a certain amount of data "Higher level" employees are authorized to access more data A Quick Note Hi Prof,

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Thank you for your time, and enjoy!
Lim Fang Jun Eugene This is a video, please mouse-over and click play! Thank you for your time! Lim Fang Jun Eugene
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