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Support Sustainable Practice

No description

Kym Groth

on 16 September 2016

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Transcript of Support Sustainable Practice

Today we will:
support environmental sustainable practices
consider behavioural change for sustainability
support others in implementing sustainable practices

Support Sustainable Practice
If an activity is said to be sustainable, it should be able to continue forever.
Living sustainably is about living within the means of our natural systems (environment) and ensuring that our lifestyle doesn’t harm other people (society and culture).
What is sustainability?
What is Greed versus Need??
Aspects of Sustainability:
Climate Change
Ozone Layer
Earth Resources
Ecological Footprint
What are the Key Global Issues in relation to Sustainability?
I recycle wastes like glass and paper.
Answer these questions
There are energy-saving light bulbs in my house.
water-saving device to reduce the toilet flush.
Do you buy local produce from the shops?
I wash with Cold water
I like air - conditioning comfort
Are you concerned that species are becoming extinct because of human activities?
I frequently throw out food in my fridge.
A sustainable early childhood service:
works towards ecological sustainability by reducing its ecological impact
fosters lifelong environmental respect and responsibility with children, staff, families, and
encourages the local community to join in its commitment to ecological sustainability.
Define a sustainable early childhood service?
National Quality Standards
QUALITY AREA 3 – Standard … Physical environment
Early Years Learning Framework:
Play is a vital part of a young child's world and, like any other early childhood practice, a child-centred play approach can be taken in learning about sustainability. This enables children to learn through hands-on, concrete experiences.
Children under six should be playing, not learning about the problems of the world. I want them to be happy, not depressed.
Raising awareness of the fragility of nature and / or educating people about environmental problems, and proposing new ways to co-exist with our environment.
Investigating natural phenomena, environmental forces and materials.
Using natural materials gathered outdoors (such as twigs, leaves, stones, soil, feathers).
Not contributing to environmental degradation (this includes 'green' work made from bio-degradable or recycled materials, and 'Eco sculpture' which is sensitively integrated into a natural habitat), or reclaiming damaged environments and restoring eco-systems.
How will you teach children about Sustainability??
If children understand they are part of an interconnected big picture within the natural world, they will be more likely to want to conserve elements of this world in the future.
It’s broader than simply taking children outdoors to discover the beauty of nature and speaking about the natural environment.
Sustainability must include opportunities for children to engage in intellectual dialogue and involve themselves in actions in favour of the environment.
What could you do promote this understanding in children?
Why is biodiversity essential in early childhood?
Gardening with children
Examine plants, small minibeasts and pond creatures
Bird baths
Animal identification charts
Use intentional teaching
Explore the landmarks of the local environment
through excursions
children to become ‘intrepid explorers’
Read EYLF Outcomes 2 & 4.
How can educators promote children's learning?
List the point and describe an example of what you might be able to do in a early childhood setting to promote this learning?

Your turn.....
Let's adapt a traditional song to use with children focusing on conservation
Moving towards a more sustainable early childhood services?
Building design

Waste management

Water management

Energy management practises

Safer cleaning practices
Potential aspects for change in children's services
Using your "green" glasses
Activity …

Think up some ways that a service could reduce the amount of waste they generate each day?
Bring foods that are not prepackaged (NUDE FOOD) use reusable lunch boxes and drink bottles.
Ban plastic bags from the service/care environmen – use biodegradable bags
Tap into the resources of the families ie: recycled materials for creative activities, paper etc.
Visit second hand stores and keep an eye out for things that can be reused at the service.
use both sides of the paper
Cloth vs disposable nappies - let's decide.......
Let's brainstorm ways that services can re-use, reduce, recycle
What next???....
Assessment task???

Resources & information
How do you provide experiences for children that create opportunities for them to connect to the natural world?
Tell me why?
What do you buy wrapped in plastic?

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