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Copy of Event Planning

Explore the career of event planning

Keirsten Velasquez

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Event Planning

Start early

Use teasers

Publicity committee should promote though various networks Keirsten Velasquez
Student Activities Specialist
STC Mid-Valley Campus Event Planning Why do events? It's fun!
Promotes community
Provides a constructive release from school pressures
Opportunities for leadership development
Gives people a sense of achievement The 6 P's of Event Planning Picture You've been challenged with planning an event and don't know where to begin... Picture the end.... Picture the event in your mind
Imagine what you want it to be like
Brainstorm ideas with your team Plan a timeline ... Create a master calendar with your group
List all tasks leading up to the event
Place tasks on calendar Place others in charge... Delegate responsibilities and tasks

Ask for volunteers to ensure they'll get it done

Be sure to give deadlines that are already on the calendar

Create committees as needed

Make sure everyone's included Publicize the event.... Present the event... Arrive early in order to..
Go over checklist
Direct parking and guests
Don't Forget Take pictures and video Process the event ... Celebrate it's over!!

Thank your team

Make a notebook containing...

What was good about the event?

What could we have done better? Take a deep breath....
Anyone with any level of expertise can take an event from good to great Here's how Plan Place Promote Present Process Hear Taste Touch/Feel Smell See visualize the end product, decorations,
signage, the type of facility music, sound, laughter, conversations the “feeling of the event” which is generated by the other elements, the gifts, the venue, decorations food, aromatherapy, lightly scented candles, fragrant flowers food and drinks, snacks given to people 2000 2010 2005 2002 March Weeks before Determine budget Contact speakers, performers, venues Develop marketing plan Organize committees Turn in all paperwork 1 week to go Last chance to change room setup Follow up on loose ends (facilities, final promos, media) BIG DAY! Reminders Arrive early Follow up with tasks Go over checklist Event Timeline Now you're ready for the
BIG DAY! and HAVE FUN!!! Plan Event Repeat
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