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No description

Mana Y

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of CALC1

Functional Verification of Three Designs

CALC1 Testplan
CALC2 Testplan
Individual test for each command
Concurrent test for all commands
Random testing including invalid command
CALC3 Testplan
COEN 6541 - Functional Verification
Group 3 :

Mana Yaghmai
Muhammad Qasim
Azadeh Hayeri
Yun Wang

Thank you

Questions ?
Verification Environment
CALC1 Results
CALC2 Results
For ADD and SUB command some bits in the data are corrupted
Unable to detect overflow
Unable to detect underflow
Port number is not working at all
Individual test for each command

random test for all commands
Verification Environment
CALC3 Test Results
Individual test for each command
Concurrent test for all commands
The shifter is missing tags
CALC1 Coverage
CALC2 Coverage
CALC3 Results
CALC3 Coverage
simulation waveform overview
ADD with overflow simulation waveform
Branch if Equal Command following Valid Commands Simulation Waveform
Thirteen test cases
Device is reset at the beginning of each test scenario
Coverage Report with 187 Transactions
Coverage Report with 1834 Transactions
Coverage Report with 18664 Transactions
Cover points such as cmd, d1, d2, r1, tag and data are 100 percent covered

As the number of transactions increases, the coverage rate of the cross cover point will also increase. So does the total coverage rate.
the total coverage rate.
Store command: pick up the destination register and drive data on the device

Other commands: drive data to the internal registers by store command, then follow the command which is tested. Then compare the value of destination register with the value of operation of source registers
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