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How has the internet changed the music industry?

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Nadin Said

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of How has the internet changed the music industry?

How has the internet changed the music industry?
What is the relationship between the internet and music industry?
In order for music to be heard all around the world, it needs a 'distributor' to do so.. that's where the internet fits in!
Youtube, iTunes, Napster, and many other programs and websites similar to those are just a few ways the internet helps cultivate the music industry.
Bands like Phish, The Beatles, and Blues Traveler were some of the first artists to have Usenet newsgroups to help fans engage with the band and other fans.
Over time, websites like Napster began sharing music online without the necessary licenses. This in turn helps the artists by getting their music out to the public, and creating a larger fan base.
Ultimate Entertainment
Change in production, distribution, and vending.
Free access to music videos on YouTube is an example that the net enables the copying and scattering of music on a scale never before seen.
While artists still make money from legal music purchases and the sale of rights to use music, artists don't make the same living from royalty cheques.
Definition of music:

vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion
Definition of internet:

a vast computer network linking smaller computer networks worldwide
Was this change necessary?
Yes. Without the internet, new artists wouldn't be recognized as much as they are today. Science and technology is always adapting and changing, and so is the sound and different aspects of music.
The only real problem for the music industry is that many downloading services offer music for free, which robs artists of their royalties.
Some artists argue that free downloads actually help their sales, record companies strongly disagree.
How did this change impact the industry?
How does this change impact us as a society?
We are drastically effected by the constant changes in technology, so with the collaboration of the internet and music industry together, life is made simpler and more efficient when it comes to entertainment and the search for the next new talent.


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