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Slaughterhouse- Five by Kurt Vonnegut

No description

Esmeralda Ortiz

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Slaughterhouse- Five by Kurt Vonnegut

This chapter starts with Billy waking up next to Derby and Lazaro in the POW hospital. Lazaro promises to kill Billy after war. In this chapter describes how he's going to die; because of the time traveling he knows all the exact details. The three go and make a "nest" out of the theater curtains. Then an Englishman tells them that they are to go to Dresden. When they finally get there they realize that its actually a beautiful place because it hasnt been bombed during the war.
Chapter 6
Slaughterhouse- Five

Ch. 6-7

Ronald Weary
he's violent towards his enemies and others around him
Paul Lazzaro resembles....
American soldiers don't seem to care who is elected
Edgar Derby elected due to lack of participation
shows that our democracy is hushed and forced and often looked down on
Politics & Political Leaders
Billy got into a chartered plane which he knew would crash but couldnt say anything. In this chapter they say how Lionel was a machine and how its funny that people are offended by it. He's on the plane with his wife and father-in-law, when the plane crashed into a mountain everyone dies except for Billy and the copilot. Billy needs to have surgery because he fractured his scull. During that he has many dreams some real which are his time traveling dreams and then others where he just imagines his first day in the slaughter house. During the month in Dresden the people did all sorts of jobs like making syrup, in the factory there were lots of spoons hidden through out the facility.
Chapter 7 Summary
We begin to feel more sympathy towards different characters because we get to know them better and start to see their motives and feelings behind their actions.
Shows the loss of innocence being stripped away from Werner and Billy
Never the same when they come back from back, there's always something taken away from them
Refugee Girls
Merbel is considered a machine
Worked for years bdoing things he is told to do
Tralfamadorians say humans find it as an insult
We have feelings & machines don't
Don't like the idea of being called heartless
Billy is disconnected from his surrounding
People Machines
By Hidalia Ponce, Erika Munoz,
Esmeralda Ortiz
by Kurt Vonnegut
Slaughterhouse- Five
-each character represents a different characteristic of mankind
-Billy pilgrim is mankind
- sometimes cowardly and resigned to death
- he accepts life for what it is
- believes in nothing
Exchange between surgeon and Billy
Surgeon- doesn’t like Billy because he is American
Odd because both gave up their dignities in war
Death & Hum
While on the plane, before it crashed the quartet played a hum
On his anniversary, the quartet played another hum and caused Billy to feel
Instead of death being something horrible, the hum played shows that death Shouldn't be feared, it Should be accepted
Symbolism of Syrup
Bringing simple happiness to a place that will soon be distroyed
Vitamins for pregnant women
Bread& Wine symbolize Christ's body: hope may be mixed with the syrup
Everyone wanted to drink the syrup: longing of gratitue/ pleasure
The Children’s Crusade: The Duty-Dance with Death
Sacrifice of innocent lives, relates to the novel’s anti-war theme. Soldiers are innocent children who are sent to fight and suffer terrible things.
Slaughterhouse- Five
Shows Vonnegut’s own life, emphasizes the irony that he was kept alive in a place where death was always around.
Semi-autobiographical- bombing of Dresden
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