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Oscar and Alphonse

No description

Jessica Mitkovski

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Oscar and Alphonse

Oscar and Alphonse
By Jessica Mitkovski
Albert Einstein?" Esmeralda questioned?
"Wow! That is wonderful...
"But these are great people!
"That is right!" Alphonse exclaimed.
"Yes we did!
Alphonse piped up,
Esmeralda sat there silently
Esmeralda was in the 2nd grade
Esmeralda sat on a stump
One day after school
and was so excited to learn how to read, there was only one problem...she didn't know how to read! She tried and tried, but no matter what she did the words would fall off the page or become all fuzzy. Sometimes she didn't even know how to pronounce the words.
Harvey Dingle, the school bully, called her stupid and dumb. She was so upset and humiliated that she ran to the one place where she felt safe, the forest behind the school.
trying to comprehend what had just happened. She looked down at her arm and noticed that the caterpillars were shaped in such a way that the word "hello" was spelled out on her hand. "Did you guys just talk to me?" Esmeralda asked, not believing those words were coming out of her mouth.
My name is Oscar and this is my brother Alphonse...we are here to help you learn how to read!"
"You are here to teach me how to read?...But how, you are only caterpillars...do caterpillars know how to read?" Esmeralda managed to babel out these words in her utter amazement.
"You humans are so silly! You forget that a long long time ago, when humans use to believe in magic, every living thing on Earth could speak and we all had the power of knowledge. Us caterpillars were the wisest of them all. We would teach young of all kind how to read and sound out words using our bodies to spell out the words in cursive." "That is why we are made with long flexible bodies, you know," Oscar stated with pride
"Name any amazing person in history and I can guarantee a caterpillar has been behind their education. Go ahead!"
Esmeralda thought for a moment..."Hmmmm....how about William Shakespeare?"
"Oh our great, great, GREAT grandfather Humphrey helped William Shakespeare realize he was a brilliant poet. He was there for inspiration when William wrote the beautiful story of a Midsummer Night's Dream, what a lovely story."
"Well who do you think taught him his letters E, M, C, and the number 2? It was our mother Agatha! She was a wizard with numbers and letters. She helped Albert realize his true potential! And her evil stepsister Elvira taught Edgar Alan Poe how to dig out deep emotions that no one understood and create masterful stories of horror." Oscar explained.
"You see our family comes from a long line of wisdom!"
but who have you two taught how to read and write?"
"We thought you would never ask," Oscar continued, puffing out his chest confidently, "We taught the great Sir Isaac Newton! You know the whole apple story, well that actually happened because Alphonse here was eating the apple when all of a sudden it fell smack dab on Isaac's head! We helped him to read and write about his ideas on gravity!"
"And now we are here to help you become the greatest you can be Esmeralda!"
People who were very smart and changed history! They left a legacy! What am I going to do? I am no one special. Harvey Dingle is right, I'm not very smart. Your family has helped such great minds grow, I wouldn't want you to waste your time on me."
"It takes courage and perseverance, young one! You will not learn how to read in one day or write an award winning book in one days time. It may take you years to have a break through in science, but you will get there and it all starts with today. It all starts with believing in yourself."
and cried to herself. She spoke quietly in the empty woods, "I wish I could just learn how to read, so that I wouldn't feel so stupid." All of a sudden she felt something crawling up her arm. Esmeralda noticed two of the hairiest, fattest, longest caterpillars she has ever seen. She went to swap them away when two tiny, squeaky voices came out of nowhere, "Wait! We're here to help you Esmeralda!"
Suddenly, Esmeralda felt a change of heart.
She decided she was going to prove everyone wrong. She was going to learn how to read. She was going to start believing in herself. Esmeralda came to that same spot in the forest everyday after school. She even came on the weekends! The two caterpillars became her best friends.
Oscar and Alphonse started with the alphabet.
They would curve their bodies into the letter A and have Esmeralda trace the letters on her arm. They taught her how to say the letters followed by the sound. "Each vowel has a long and short sound. A is for Apple. Apple has a short sound while ate has a long sound," Oscar and Alphonse would chime together. They went through the whole alphabet teaching her the letters and the sounds those letters make.
Months and months went by
while Oscar and Alphonse taught Esmeralda strategies to read. The day came when Oscar and Alphonse thought that Esmeralda was ready to read a book. Esmeralda opened up the pages, she was very hesitant at first, but then she remembered everything that the two magical caterpillars had taught her. She took a deep breath and...
she read the first word!
Esmeralda could not believe it! Her eyes twinkled while her heart leaped with joy! She could read, she could finally read!
She looked for the caterpillars,
but they were nowhere to be found. All of a sudden a pair of butterflies fluttered around her head, dancing right before her eyes. She turned the page to find a note that said, "Once you learn how to read, we must leave, but do not fret we will never forget you. For you are the one that gave us our wings"
Esmeralda went back to school and was no longer made fun of.
From then on Esmeralda was always found with her nose in a book or filling up the the pages of her notebook with a story. She often thought of her friends Oscar and Alphonse, hoping one day she could feel their presence around her. As Esmeralda grew older and older she would sit in her cabin in the woods and write extraordinary children's stories.
One day Esmeralda perched herself at her familiar spot
and decided to write a children's story about her two best friends Oscar and Alphonse. When she looked up from her type writer she could see two beautiful butterflies flutter by the window and she could of swore she heard two dainty, squeaky voices say "Believe" as the wind whispered throughout the forest.
All images taken from google images
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