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Did Lebron James Choke in the 2008 NBA Playoffs?

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Nicholas Chambers

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Did Lebron James Choke in the 2008 NBA Playoffs?

Did Lebron James Choke in the 2008 NBA Playoffs?
Regular Season Stats
113 3-Pointers Made
359 3-Pointers Attempted

113/359 = 0.315 = 31.5%

Playoff Stats
18 3-Pointers Made
70 3-Pointers Attempted

18/70 = 0.257 = 25.7%
Segmented Bar Chart
Bar Chart - Number of Shots
Bar Chart
Our focus question will really be, "Did LeBron James's ability to make three-point shots decrease in the playoffs?

In the 2008 playoffs, LeBron James was heavily criticized by the media for not performing to his usual standards.
What Are We Really Asking?
Was the criticism to LeBron James by the media fair or was it to harsh?
Modeling Athletic Performance
We need a model to represent a particular phenomenon. We will use the following model to represent athletic performances:

Performance = Ability + Random Chance
Law of Large Numbers
In a sports context, the Law of Large Numbers says that an athlete's performance will generally get closer and closer to his or her ability as the number of attempts grows larger.
3 - Pointer: In basketball, when a player shoots the ball behind the three-point line (which is between 22 and 23.75 feet from the basket), he is rewarded 3 points instead of the usual 2 points

Categorical Variable: If the possible outcomes fall into categories. Typically outcomes are either "win" or "loss"

Numerical Variable: If possible outcomes take on numerical values that represent different quantities of the variable

Pie Chart: Displays the possible outcomes of a categorical variable as slices ofa circular pie, with the area of each slice proportional to how often each corresponding outcome occurred.
Why Just 3 - Pointers?
Why aren't we comparing other statistics such as points scored, rebounds, assists, turnovers, and shooting percentages?
Thus Far....
We have put the data into various graphs to represent it. We can you use different graphs to make it appear that the data shows convincing evidence that LeBron choked in the playoffs.

But how can we use this data to test our essential question?
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