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Unit 3 - Information Systems: How organisations use business information

Purposes of information: operational support e.g. monitoring and controlling activity; analysis e.g. to identify pattern

Ben Holding

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Unit 3 - Information Systems: How organisations use business information

Unit 3 - Information Systems Understand how organisations use business information Purposes of information Operational Support Analysis Gaining Advantage Group activity Decision Making Operational support
Decision Making
Gaining Advantage
Activity controlling and monitoring.
Minute by minute or Hour by hour decisions E.g. EPOS – Electronic Point of sales in supermarkets or OTIS Elevators. Identify patterns/trends
Performance monitoring and predictions
E.g. Stock management, Staffing, Advertising etc.
Daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports
Ad-hoc problem solving
3 Levels of Decision Making

Competing with others in the same market


Working in pairs, create a list of information needed to help run the following businesses;

The Army
A Secondary School
Bristol City Football Club
Airbus UK
First Bus

(you will be asked to present your list to the rest of the class) Recap

What this unit covers and the four main learning outcomes?
What is meant by the term System?
Give one difference between Data, Information and Knowledge? Objectives for this week - At the end of this session you be able to:
State at least one purpose of business information
Identify information that would be needed to run a business
Explain how organisations use information 3 Levels of Decision Making

Operational Tactical Strategic
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