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Marine Biologist

School work.

kirsten kracht

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Marine Biologist

All About Marine Biologist -Minimum wage-$15,080
-US mean annual wage-$45,230
-Marine Biologist-$59,330

-Marine biologist study aquatic organisms, and their behaviors.
-They have to have a working knowledge of chemical oceanography, phisical oceanography, and geological oceanography. THE SALARY OF A MARINE BIOLOGIST In highschool I took the following classes to become a marine biologist: biology, chemistry, physics, algerbra, geometry, calculus, marine biology, and statics. The minimum degree you can have is a bachler's degree, but if you want to carry out your own independent reaserch you will have to have your PhD in marine biology, that's what I have. THE EDUCATION THAT YOU WILL NEED We marine biologists give information about aquatic animals. One of the my buddies studies marine organisms to develope drugs that are used to cure human diaseases. I sometimes will put information about sharks and animals ( my department) on the internet, but that is somebody else's job. HOW WE IMPACT OTHERS I am interested in this career because I love animals and the ocean. Once, when I went in Florida there were some little fish and I took one and took some scales and I looked at them through my grandpa's microscope. I love coral reefs and I go swimming in the Sebastian river, (my grandparents live by it). I got really interested in marine biology when I went to the aquarium in the Toledo Zoo. Since then I love to go to a lake and observe the life. WHY I AM INTERESTED IN THIS CAREER! d g On a daily basis, I always wake up and get a big cup of coffee. Then I'll get dressed and put on my dive suit and go to have a big breakfest. We have to have a big breakfast because my partners and I spend most of our time in the water. While I'm eating breakfast, I will study marine animals that I don't know a lot about or is a new specie. Then I will head to my lab and check on the baby Baluga whale, that I have to breed, and grow. Then I head over to my green house. But before I go in there I have to put on my diving suit which consists of an air tank, pocket knife (in case if I have to cut anything loose), sample templates and tools. Then I go inside the chamber that lets water not be able to go outside when I open the door. Then I'll go inside to check on my plants and prepare them for Management of Renewable Recources. I'll identify and classify each plant, then study it's structure, behavior, nutrition and distribution. By now it is almost 2:00pm and I need to move on. I head over to lab computer to develope methods for securing plant, animal, aquatic, or soil samples. Next, I will head over to my lab table with a lobster in hand and a jar of parasites in the other. I poor the parasites on the lobster and record the reaction of the lobster. Then, I take my lunch break at 3 'o clock. When I get done I will put on my dive gear again and head out to the ocean. There, I study and measure salinity, acidity, oxygen content, light, and other physical conditions of the water. Then I will head under to the reef and study the plant and animal principles such as orgin, relationship, development, anatomy, and how they function. It is now time for my dinner and head up to the surface and eat at a seaside diner. They have the best food in town and get a lot of costomers. When I am done I sit back down at my computer to manage the populations of the aquatic animals. Now it is about 9:30pm and I head back to my cabin and get some rest and I think if I will get a knew assignment tomarrow. What I Do On A Daily Basis THE CHARACTERISTICS THAT ARE NEEDED FOR THIS JOB You will need to love nature and oceans. Also, you will have to have creativity, persistance, and curiosity. THE RECOURCES I USED -Sciencebuddies.com
-Career Ideas For Kids Who Like Animals and Nature-By: Diane Lindsey Clasen- Published by: Checkmark Books in 2007
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