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Atomic Timeline

No description

Mattie Sills

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Atomic Timeline

Cristian Esparza - JJ Thomson
Sarah Hermann - James Chadwick
Mattie Sills - Ernest Rutherford
Lincoln Smith - Robert Millikan Atomic Timeline 1937 1891 Ernest Rutherford theorized that atoms are positively charged and have a very small nucleas. He created the Rutherford model of the atom. 1917 Ernest Rutherford split the atom for the first time in a nuclear reaction (With nitrogen and alpha particles). He also discovered the proton. JJ Thomson is born. JJ Thomson died. 1871 Ernest Rutherford is born - August 31, 1871 JJ Thomson began his experiments to find out if there are parts of atoms 1856 1940 Ernest Rutherford died - October 19 1890 1997 The element "rutherfordium"
(#104) was named after Ernest Rutherford. 1974 James Chadwick died on July 24, 1974 1897 First successful results of JJ Thomson's experiments using the Cathode Ray Tube Experiment. 1932 James Chadwick discovered the Neutron Well known event: Amelia Earhart becomes 1st women to fly alone across the Atlantic 1911 Robert A. Millikan He began his experiments trying to prove that an electron is a particle. He used a device called the Cathode Ray Tube. He tired to measure the charges it gave off, but kept running into problems like the rays bending which ment negative charge. Born 1868 1868 1910 First official publishing of Millikan's oil-drop experiment The first Ford Model T
is produced/ sold. Jack the rippers first victim in 1888 (Big time murderer/ kidnapper in London) 1908 1888 Rutherford discovered this through his famous gold foil experiment. This involved shooting radioactive particles through a thin sheet of gold. He recorded the results and developed the new model of the atom. He later had success after 3 trials of his experiment. He then proved that electrons had particles Robert Millikan determined the charge of an electron through his oil drop experiment. Instead of looking at the electric field through clouds, he looked at it in single water droplets. He first took a spray of oil into a container of water and let it settle into a small hole. He then watched as the droplets were effected by an electric charge. A droplet with one or very few electric charges would settle out in the middle and would not move. But droplets with many electric charges would stop and then begin to rise back up to the surface. He found that all of the droplets charges were divisible by a value of 1.6x10 to the negative nineteenth coulombs. James Chadwick was born - October 20, 1891 James Chadwick discovered this through
an experiment he conducted with paraffin
wax, a geiger counter, beryllium, and alpha
particles . Chadwick smashed the alpha particals
into the beryllium. The neutrons hit the
paraffin and left little dents, proving that it had mass. When the neutrons hit the paraffin, the paraffin (rich in protons) hit the geiger counter setting it off. When the paraffin was removed the geiger counter didn't react, so he concluded that it must have no charge. 1871 In 1910 the Boy Scouts of America is founded 1910 1953 The passing of a Titan(Robert A. Millikan dies)
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