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A Cup Of Tea by: Katherine Mansfield

No description

taihja tribble

on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of A Cup Of Tea by: Katherine Mansfield

A Cup Of Tea
A Cup Of Tea
Written by Katherine Mansfield
Published May 1922
Summary Plot
Rosemary Fell was not exactly beautiful but she was rich. She was leaving an antique store when she was approached by a poor young girl named Miss Smith who asks Rosemary for money to buy a cup of tea. Rosemary decides to take Miss Smith home with her instead. Philip Fell comes home and is amazed to see his wife and some stranger sitting in their bedroom. He asks to speak to Rosemary privately and conveys his disapproval. Rosemary doesn't want to send Miss Smith home but then Phillip plays on Rosemary's jealousy by calling Miss Smith "amazingly pretty" and Rosemary gets money to give to Miss Smith then sends her on her way. She goes back into the bedroom with Philip and tells him about a little box she'd seen at the shop and how she wanted him to get it for her and she then asks him if she was pretty. She's insecure.
The setting was in the 1920's during winter. Began at the small antique shop on Curzon street and ended at the Fell's house.
Point of View
The short story was written in third person by an unnamed narrator who uses conversational style. The voice of the narrator engages the reader and the subject by raising questions and use of attitude.
Characters and Characterization
Rosemary Fell, very wealthy and insecure about her appearance
Miss Smith, poor young woman
Philip, Rosemary's husband
Literary Devices
Thesis Sentence
The themes in this short story are deception of appearance vs reality, loss of individualism, and lust for power.
The mood in this short story is a jubilant at start,and gloomy towards the end.
The tone created by the author is cheerful and enthusiastic at the
start and towards the end it becomes more disgruntled and bitter.
"A Cup of Tea", a short story by Katherine Mansfield, uses a foil to convey the theme of jealousy and insecurities that highlight the weaknesses of Rosemary Fell and how she struggles to make herself surpass the power of wealth she has over the lower class society.
Foil- a character in the story who contrast with the main character (Miss Smith)
Euphemism- "Rosemary Fell was not exactly beautiful."
Simile- "She was like the rich little girl in her nursery with all the cupboards to open, all the boxes to unpack."
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