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Moira Smith

No description

Ayden Hayes

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Moira Smith

Moira Smith 9/11 Hero
Ayden Hayes
2nd period
10/3/12 Moira Smith was employed with the New York Police Department for thirteen years. She was assigned to the thirteenth precinct.
She was married and had a daughter who was two years old at the time of Moira's death.
She was born February 14, 1963 and died September 11, 2001. Background Information Moira Smith Moira Smith is considered a hero because she risked her life on September 11, 2001, Although she knew that running into these burning buildings to save civilians who she didn't even know could possibly kill her, she did so anyway. This makes her very brave and proves that she truly is a hero. Because of her braveness on this day she now has a park named after her and she also received a medal of honor from the New York Police Department. What Makes Moira A Hero? Moira Smith was the only female police officer who passed away in the tragedy that is 9/11. She was the first officer to report the plane crash into the World Trade Center as she saw the crash. During this terrible occurrence she continued to back into the World Trade Towers to rescue people from the burning buildings. Moira's Importance In U.S. History Moira Smith's husband, Jim Smith, and her daughter, Patrcia Smith, accepted the NYPD medal of honor on Moira's behalf since she tragically passed away. Patricia Smith was only two years old when she walked across that stage with her father to receive that medal. The medal, once placed on her, reached down to her knees. Patricia is now 12 but is still interviewed about her mother and how she views her even though she had little time to get to know her. Family Patricia Smith Receiving Her Mother's Medal Patricia Smith Moira's daughter Patricia had to spend much of her childhood without a mother. Since she is older now she has been able to express just how much her mother means to her at school, in interviews, and in her actions. Patricia Smith Today I believe that Moira Smith is an extremely brave hero. It would take an extreme amount of courage and selflessness to walk into a potentially deadly situation for no other reason than to save another human's life. She only thought of those innocent civilians who needed her help instead of the value of her own life. In my opinion, being a hero is all about having the qualities that Moira clearly possessed. My Thoughts On Moira Smith Moira is especially courageous due to the fact that she not only risked her life but risked the well being of her family. She knew that if something were to happen to her, her daughter would be without a mother and her husband without a wife. She did her job perfectly and went beyond what was expected of her on a daily basis. My Thought On Moira Smith http://www.odmp.org/officer/15818-police-officer-moira-smith



http://911anniversary.nydailynews.com/when-you-remember-moira-you-hold-what-most-dear Bibliography
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