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Video Games

By Dillon Lynch

Dillon Lynch

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Video Games

The Effects of
Video Games on The PLayers

Video games, most of the time, get a bad rap for being pointless, distracting, unproductive, influencing kids negatively or just mind numbing in general. However this is not true.
Video games have a powerful role in our emotions and feelings.

They are an alternative and more effective way of learning.

-They serve to stimulate the brain and enhance cognitive function.

How Games cause emotion
Video Games an introduction to murder?
Not only do Video games effect our brains, but they also effect our emotional state

-as well as teach us valuable life lessons
Throughout the past couple years countless studies have been done researching the negative effects violent video games have on adolescence and people in general.
People act more aggressive, less self-restrained, and also tend to cheat more. (UOH)
Playing too many video games can cause a "slot machine effect" or addiction to the game. (CITA)
In very rare psychological cases it is also can cause confusion between fantasy and reality (SH, COL)

What are these studies missing?
They are missing the other side of the argument, main point of video games and the unseen benefits of video games.

Killing is not the soul purpose of a video game, the purpose of most games is to tell a good story and make you care about the game.

Stories activate a different part of our brain that helps, which helps us learn and remember facts more easily.

Also the enhancement to the the cognitive function of the brain. allowing for things like faster decision making.

Enhanced Learning
All Modern console video games now come with a campaign mode, or story, which is the main part of the game. This story activates the Wernicke's area and the Broca's area of your brain.

As a result, your brain interprets the story very vividly and very intensely and attaches details from the story to our emotions.

Because of the attachment to our emotions, our brains remember the details of a story better then if you were to simply read them as facts off a page.

With this learning can be achieved at the same rate as most basic educational facilities.
Benefits to the Brain
Video Games actually have many positive effects despite what all the studies say. People who play more video games are shown to have higher cognitive development than those who don't.

Studies have shown that those who play games make decisions faster, have better pattern recognition and have an improved attention function. They have been seen to enhance multitasking, visual perception and the brain's ability to process information.

A 2013 meta analysis, showed that people who play shooter type games have a larger capacity for thinking about objects as three dimensional and finding different ways of solving things.

Video games also allow the player to experience a range of emotions and deal with them in a safe environment. This teaches them how to adapt and better prepares them for real world situations.
Video games more than anything really teach us about failure, because of the frequency of failure in video games, we are forced to constantly retry levels. Although it is annoying this may not be a bad thing.
-Simply by hitting the "retry" button players motivate themselves to continue trying to beat the level. It teaches us persistence, and in some cases has shown to boost the self confidence of the player.
Video Games, like any story, can also cause a drastic effect on our mood. Most being relatively basic or fleeting emotions but occasionally there come parts that effect your mood for long periods of time.
For the most part this is due to the emotional attachment we develop for the character or characters we have been playing as.
However sad it may seem the reason, for this is basically the same as making a new friend. The more time you spend with someone or something, the more you care for it.

- This is the same reason why we find ourselves sometimes attatched to inanimate objects.
Failure and Persistence
Things Video Games Taught us about life
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