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career shadowing

career shadowing 2010 at Dr. Hilliard orthadontist.

Sebastian Viteri

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of career shadowing

Career shadowing 2010! Mckeel academy of

PRESENTS: staff Meet the Docter MY mentor! Purpose

The purpose of Keith Hilliard orthodonits is to correct irregularities of the teeth, as by the use of braces.

Next in 15 years?

Keith Hilliard orthodontic specialists will expand with more offices in lakeland and other places.
job title: orthodontist assistant Employabilty skills
-computer skills
-customer service skills
-excellent eye-hand coordination Average salary and edu
- Around $39,000
- Hish school diploma
- dental hygiene courses technology used
- A computer program called Essix Appliance Technology:
Applications, Fabrication and Rationale
- Tools designed and patented by Docter Keith Hilliard
no I wouldnt persue
a career in this company
because after research i
found out that it doesnt
pay enough. what did i like?
- what i liked
about this career
is all the tools and
new technolgy used. dislike?
- what i didnt like
about this job is
the amount paid
for all te hard
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