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An Electrical Career - An exciting future ahead

No description

Stephanie Broz

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of An Electrical Career - An exciting future ahead

An Electrical Career - An exciting future ahead
What electricians do?
What are their tools?
Where do they work?
- Domestic

- Commercial

- Industrial

- Niche industries:
lift, air-conditioning, oil refineries, petrochemical and mining
What does the future hold?
50,000 electrical jobs available over next 5 years to meet growth.

Electrical workers will be at the heart of Australia's transition to low carbon future.

A growing mining sector means that demand for electricians will remain high.

The National Broadband Network (NBN) will drive demand for a range of electrical areas.
What next?
Sit a Readiness Assessment to gauge your ability to take on an electrical apprenticeship through a participating RTO.

You gain access to:
- A national RA certificate to show potential employers
- Instant results identifying areas for improvement
- Get listed on the NAR for employer selection

1300 11 EMAP
- Install, maintain, repair and test electrical equipment

- Read and interpret electrical drawings

- Determine wiring layouts

- Implement installations and repairs

- Install cables and switches
What's involved in an apprenticeship?
Trade school (block or day release)
Employment with an electrical contractor
Profiling (on the job experience)
Assessments (practical and theory)
What skills do they need?
- Mathematical
- Problem solving
- Motor
- Mechanical aptitude
- Literacy
What kind of person are they?
- Good communicator and listener

- Positive attitude

- Reliable and punctual

- Committed and passionate
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