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The Sirens

This is about the Greek sirens. not the ones that go eeeeeeoooeooooeoo

Elizabeth Nguyen

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of The Sirens

Who were the Sirens?

Three sea nymphs from Greek mythology
Daughters of the river God Achelous
Often depicted as beautiful women, but later versions depict them as birdlike or similar to mermaids.
How do Sirens relate to
The Odyssey
As Sea Nymphs
What did the Sirens symbolize?
Used as a reminder for sailors to stay away from rocks
Symbolized the dangers of lust and beautiful women
There are different versions of this myth.
Different versions name 2-5 sirens
Common names include:
Aglaope (ahg-lah-OPE-pi)
Leucosia (lay-oo-COH-see-ah)
Thelxiepia (thel-ksee-EH-pee-ah)
Some versions include three nymphs; others only two
The story goes back to a feud between Athena and Poseidon
Sea Nymphs cont'd
Athena recruited an enchantress (Circe) and two sea nymphs
Their plan to wreck ships:
Light fire on rocky areas
Fire = safe passageway
Sea nymphs could not keep fire; switched to singing.
story time with elizabeth yay
Some versions of the story state that the Sirens were:
daughters of Achelous (ah-kuh-LO-us) or Phorcys (four-sis)
Handmaidens of Persephone
As Companions of Persephone
As companions of Persephone, they looked for her when she was banished.
Some versions say that Demeter gave them wings to aid in their search
Others say that Demeter gave them wings as punishment
Odysseus wanted to listen to them sing
Made crew put wax in their ears and tie him to the mast
One of two instances in which the Sirens failed
Their feathers plucked
The Sirens were told by Hera to compete with Muses.
The Sirens lost and their feathers were plucked and used as crowns for the Muses.
Another Encounter
Jason also met the Sirens
Brought Orpheus along
When Sirens sang, Orpheus played lyre
Butes threw himself into water; Aphrodite saved him
The Death of Sirens
They threw themselves into the water.
Body of Leucosia (one of the Sirens) was found on a southern island in Italy. This island was later named after her: Leucania.
Greek Mythology Today
Greek Mythology is studied today to better understand the modern culture.
Nowadays, the term "Siren" refers to a attractive woman who beguiles men.
Muses (9 goddesses) are daughters of Zeus.
Myth explains Ancient Greeks views...
Our myth explains how the Greeks viewed beautiful women.
They could be dangerous.
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