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Christopher Columbus

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Transcript of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus
Done By:Khairunnisa P4/Caring (11)

About Christopher Columbus
Second Voyage
About Christopher Columbus
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First Voyage
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Second Voyage
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Third Voyage
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Video,Quotes &
Born:before 31 October 1451
Born Place:Genoa
Occupation:Maritime Explorer
Religion:Roman Catholic
Family:Domino Columbus, (Father) Susanne Fontanarossa, (Mother) bartholomew & Diego Columbus (Brothers)
Children:Diego & Ferdinand Columbus
Wife:Filipa Moniz Perestrelo
Partner:Beatriz Enriquez De Arana
Video,Quotes & pictures
First Voyage
Third Voyage
Christopher Columbus set sail on 3 August 1492 from Palos De La Frontera with three ships. The names of the three ships are Pinta,Nina,Santa Maria. Suddenly,a land was sighted.The land found was one of the islands of the modern Bahamas. Columbus named it San Salvador. After leaving San Salvador,he arrived at Cuba. Then,the ships sailed to Haiti,which Columbus named Hispaniola (The Spanish Island). When Columbus left Hispaniola,he left thirty men behind and enough food and ammunition for a year. He and his crew moved on to the Nina and set off for Spain on 4 January1493. The Pinta joined the Nina on 6 January. Eventually he arrived at the Azores on 18 February and Portugal on 4 March. Columbus then sailed to palos on 15 March and went to meet the King and Queen at Barcelona.
Sailed this day nineteen leagues, and determined to count less than the true number, that the crew might not be dismayed if the voyage should prove long
On Christopher Columbus's Second Voyage,things were very different because on his First Voyage,he had only three ships but on his Second Voyage,Ferdinand and Isabella gave Columbus seventeen ships. They gave Columbus seventeen ships because they were so keen that Spain should stay in control of what they thought was the westward route to Asia. Columbus then returned to Navidad. In April 1494 he left to explore Cuba and Jamaica and returned to Isabella five months later as governor of the Indies. He was not a good governor. He argued with the Spanish nobles and administrators sent by Ferdinand and Isabella. He returned to Spain in June 1496.
For Columbus's Third Voyage,he brought along with him six ships. During Columbus's later voyages it became clear that he had not found a new route to the Indies. Instead,he had discovered a continent unknown to the Europeans. After meeting natives in Venezuela on his Third Voyage in 1498,he wrote in his journal that he had found "a very great continent...where Christianity will have so much enjoyment and our faith in time so great an increase." Columbus set of on his Third Voyage on 30 May 1498. He was searching for the mainland that he believed should have been near the islands that he had discovered. After discovering the island of Trinidad in July 1498,he sailed to the coast of South America. On the 5 August 1498 he landed on the coast of Venezuela and became the first European to set foot in South America. He also sighted the Orinoco River which runs between Venezuela and Brazil.
Columbus returned to Spain after his fourth and final journey in November 1504. By this time he was very ill and he had to be carried to Seville. After Queen Isabella died he was taken to see Ferdinand. Columbus said that he should be given back the governorship of the Indies. After Ferdinand refused,Columbus's health got worse. He wrote his will on 19 May 1506 and died the next day at Valladolid in Spain,a disappointed man abandoned by his monarchs.
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Fourth Voyage
Fourth Voyage
Columbus's Fourth and Last Voyage was in 1502. He brought with him four ships and perhaps his most difficult voyage. He had to pay for the voyage himself. After dealing with a mutiny from his crew,a storm nearly destroyed his ships and was shipwrecked on Jamaica for a year. He failed to convince his Royal Supporters that he had indeed discovered a new route to Asia. On 1500 Columbus were arrested and sent back to Spain. On his arrival at Court,Ferdinand and Isabella ordered his release.He was treated with respect but they refused to make him governor of the Indies again. The French and the English were beginning to explore this New World and Spain needed somebody capable to look after their interests there. Columbus rarely visited the mainland of the American continent. It was only on his Third Voyage that he eventually landed at Venezuela in South America. on his Fourth Voyage he explored the coast of Central America. He visited the Gulf of Mexico and the coasts of Honduras,Nicaragua,Costa Rica and Panama. He was still looking for a sea route to the Indies.
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