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"Taking Sides"

No description

zara azhar

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of "Taking Sides"

"Taking Sides" CHAPTER 2 CHAPTER 3 Practice for Basketball CHAPTER 9 CHAPTER 5 Visits Tony CHAPTER 12 CHAPTER 1 Lincoln moved from Mission District of San Francisco to Sycamore Basketball player His homie is Tony Misses his old school and likes his old school better He meets Monica He likes Monica Monica helped James with spanish Algebra Lincoln hurt his toe Tony owes Lincoln 2 dollars Flaco was a gift from Lincolns dad CHAPTER 4 *Lincoln was thinking about Monica Didn't want to have dinner with Roy and his mom Couldn't concentrate in algebra class Asked Monica if she wanted to shoot some hoops Sunday Tony tells Lincoln that his TV is at the thrift store Lincolns TV has crayons on it Lincoln says hi to Tonys family CHAPTER 6 Tony now owes Lincoln 4 dollers They go to the thrift store The old guy at the thrift store is sick Lincoln gets mad from Tony and storms off to the Franklin school CHAPTER 7 Lincoln had a bad dream Lincoln and his mom get into a fight Lincoln grubbed at James house James showed Lincoln his boomerang CHAPTER 8 Lincoln gets ready to go play basketball with Monica Lincoln hurts his knee Lincoln and Monica talk about Lincoln eating venison and if he goes to a church Lincoln learns that Roy use to be a basketball player Lincoln gets closer to Roy Lincoln didn't go to school because his knee still hurts Makes Flaco breakfest Lincoln house was broken in Talks to Monica CHAPTER 10 Tried to call his mom Lincoln didnt want to talk to Monica Goes to practice and coach makes him play Lincoln told his mom about the break in and, didn't want to walk with James CHAPTER 11 When lincoln got home he saw his mom and Roy fixing the door Lincoln and Roy ate dinner like hungry warriors Lincoln received an envelope and it was from Tony and inside was 4 dollars Dunkin walks over to Lincoln to talk about that Coach Yesutis is introducing the players Lincoln made up with Monica Lincoln and Bokwaski were about to fight Franklin are winning so far Bokwaski got a foul Lincoln said hi to his old Couch Mr Ramos Lincoln became a little sad to see Vickey with a boyfriend Couch told Lincoln not to cheer for the other team Couch Yesutis put Lincoln in the game and he was doing real good Franklin won CHAPTER 13 Tony and Lincoln are friends again Couch Ramos asked Lincoln and his family to go for pizza with the rest of the team Tony bought the TV for Lincoln at Christmas Lincoln owes Tony 4 dollars because the Kings beat the Warriors Lincoln might of won a girlfriend Couch Yesutis was pulling Lincoln away but Roy stepped in GARY SOTO THE AUTHOR GARY SOTO THE AUTHOR GARY SOTO THE AUTHOR
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