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Chiquita Banana Company

No description

Bob Marley

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Chiquita Banana Company

Chiquita Banana Company working conditions I am contacting the chiquita banana to tell you my
opinion on your plantations. I think that the working conditions need to improve drasticly. If they do not improve the bananas could become infected with diseases and then canadians may be infected.
I think that you need to get bathroom facilities for everyone
instead of them relieving themselves on the plants themselves.
If people around the world found out about this they may stop
buying your product. Banana Wars The banana wars had a huge effect on the
way they were sold. The WTO tried to help the smaller banana farms for not putting tariffs on the bananas they shipped out. banana production and the environment Producing bananas has a negitive effect on the environment because
in order to find a space of land you have to cut down a bunch of trees.
by producing more and more bananas you are creating less room for varieties of plants and animals. one banana tree can produce lots of bananas so there is no reason to cut down as many trees as you are. The displacement of indigionous people
By cutting down trees you are not only destroying the environment, you are also forcing indigionous people out of their natural homes causing them to live in more extreme poverty then what they were before.
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