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Personal Fitness Portfolio

No description

Nick lakatos

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Personal Fitness Portfolio

Walking 5 min
Jumping Rope
Low impact aerobics
Walking 5min
Heel toe walking
Personal Fitness Portfolio
Physical Activity Plan
When coming up with this plan you should keep in mind there are 5 main activities you do which are Warm-ups, Aerobic capacity, Muscular Endurance and Strength, Flexibility, and the cool down. You want to pick activity's that help in those areas.
Principles of Training
Fitness Gram
If you look to the picture below (just click next slide to see it) I don't feel like i reached my other goals because they are farther away than 6 weeks but I feel like I'm getting there.
Lifetime Fitness Plan
As of now due to my current lifestyle my goal is out of reach and need more attention. Really the only thing you have to do is create a fitness plan change or have good eating habits watch your intake and for you to make the commitment for it to last you a lifetime and when you reach your goal try to make a new one.
in order to make a plan work you need motivation and you can get that from other people to push. Unless you are like me and more have to be self motivated that is harder and you have to find something to push you.
Aerobic Capacity
Muscular Strength and Endurance
Cool Down
Exercise bike
10 min
Aerobic tapes
Step aerobics
Rope Jumping

Push - ups
Sit - ups
Weight room equipment
Free weight 10min
Stability ball
Medicine ball
Traverse wall
Quadriceps 10 min
By Nick Lakatos
Over Load Principle
Progression Principle
Principle of Specificity
exposing the muscles, joints, and cardiovascular and respiratory systems to more work and stress than is normally experienced
progressively increasing the level of exercise so that improvement in physical fitness will continue
doing specific exercises to improve specific components of physical fitness in specific body parts
how hard one should exercise to improve fitness
how long one exercises to improve fitness
how often one should exercise to improve a component of physical fitness
the three ways to achieve overload in a physical fitness program—frequency, intensity, and time
Other Terms
Cardiovascular Fitness
Body Composition
Target Heart Rate Zone
Cardiovascular fitness includes the efficient operation of the circulatory and respiratory systems. These systems improve with use and decline with disuse. Thus, the more active you are, the more energy you will have, and the more your chances of developing cardiovascular disease will decrease
Eat Smart
Increase fruits, veggies, and grains
Decrease red meat
Increase poultry and fish
Eat meats broiled or baked
Decrease high fat foods
Decrease high cholesterol foods
Decrease high sugar foods
Decrease use of table salt
Permanent Weight Loss
Combination of the 2 – BEST
Long-Haul Concept
Keep record of what you eat and look for patterns
Avoid eating while reading or watching TV
Pour snacks into a bowl
Eat breakfast everyday
Drink water before meals
Eat slowly, chew well
It is just your individual height and weight ratio it is kind of a marker on where you are or where you should be.
Your Target Heart Rate Zone should be 70-85% of your Maximum Heart Rate. To calculate these percentages, multiply your Maximum Heart Rate times .70 and .85.

Lower Limit: Maximum Heart Rate X 0.70 = ______________

Upper Limit: Maximum Heart Rate X 0.85 = ______________

And to find Maximum Heart Rate:
220 - AGE = Maximum Heart Rate ______________
My goal for this class was to try mainly working on coming up with a schedule for working out.
Another goal was to try find a way to instill this after this class is over so it doesn't just disapear.

When you reach that Goal
This is what will happen you will have 10 seconds and that you did it and that is when you look around you and realize something else you can do more and throw your goals higher and farther until you put your goals on top.
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