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Renovating Reader's Workshop with Technology

No description

kelly parks

on 6 September 2016

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Transcript of Renovating Reader's Workshop with Technology

Independent Reading and Small Groups
Mini-Lesson with Learning Target
Reader's Workshop
Renovating Reader's Workshop with Technology
Access to Scholastic ebooks
Teachers can create reading groups and assign books to specific students
Teachers can create collections based on the curriculum
Students can take notes and leave them in their virtual books
Some books have comprehension quizzes at the end
Dictionaries are provided and easy to use
There are some audio books
Students can access their accounts from home and on any type of device
Unlimited access to leveled news articles
Common core aligned quizzes accompany each article
Articles come with a writing prompt
iReady Testing and Reports

Literacy groups
Book clubs
Post learning targets
Interactive discussions
Aligns with the day’s learning target
Students use iPad to post their responses to a wall
Students can view other responses

Google Forms
Posted a question for students to respond to
The questions related to learning targets from the previous week
Students had to show their understanding of the learning targets as well as show their understanding of what they were currently reading

Formative assessment
Reteaching coordinates with learning targets

MobyMax can be accessed directly from their website or through an app within Edmodo
Aligns with common core reading standards
Differentiate instruction based on fiction and nonfiction texts
Tracks reading progress over time
Students initial login requires them to take a placement assessment and an individualized track is created
Teachers can monitor student growth and adjust the student track as needed
Teacher reports including specific questions
Teachers can print lessons based on student progress
Teachers can access and print progress reports
Formatting is similar to iReady and M-Step
Research based questions with articles
This can be used for Genius Hour or PBL too
Comprehension and Vocabulary Quizzes

Book report template that students can use as a final project
Students can create their own presentation with movie features

Create a presentation showing the connections between characters

Create the setting of a book and/or reenact a scene from the book

Students can create videos to document their learning after book club

- Edmodo
- Storia
- MobyMax
- Padlet
-Reading Level Assessments on a monthly basis
-Students track their own growth
-Triangulate data with iReady and M-STEP

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