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Advertisements and Strategies

No description

tian hou

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Advertisements and Strategies

English 1D Media FSE -Advertisements
By: Tian Hou
In my presentation, I'm going to show these advertisements:

1. Skechers Go Run 2
2. Extra (Gum)
3. M&M Chocolate fill candy
4. Pepsi
this video is about...
the first video is going to be about...
Skechers Target Audience
2nd Commercial: Extra (Gum)
the 3rd video is about...
M&M's Target Audience
the 4th video is going to be about
4th video
4th video description
Thank You For Watching!
Pepsi Target Audience + Effectiveness
This commercial's target audience are athletic males who are around 12 to 35 years old. I could tell since young kids won't even know what is playing in the commercial and elder people won't be interested in running shoes (they rarely exercise!). Also, girls around this age would be more interested in pretty clothes and make-up more than running shoes. Therefore, athletic males around 12 to 35 years old would be more interested in these shoes since they want to be a better athletes, like the fastest runner - the cheetah.
Skechers Commercial Message + Strategies
In this commercial, the explicit message is for you to buy the running shoes to run as fast as a cheetah. The implicit message is that if you wear these running shoes, then you can beat up the magnificent Brazil cheetah both physically and in speed and and the become the hero of the sensitive and agile antelope. being a hero is a dream of most young males, so this commercial is eye-catching to them.
The skechers commercial uses strategy #4 (take a position) and #5 (exaggerate). It takes a position by saying "It's designed for speed", so the target audience would believe that it can make people "speedy". It also exaggerated the speed of the male since human can never win a race with a cheetah, this give the running shoes the ability to pass beyond the limit.
Advertisement effectiveness
This advertisement is effective and eye-catching for its target audience since it focus and exaggerate on things that this group of people dreams to be; but it seems a little bit cheesy. If you pay attention to the way how the man and cheetah runs, you'll see there's a little slip with their steps when they run. their steps are the same but the man is running with his upper body up and he is catching up with the cheetah, a normal person would just fall with a position like that... it should be more accurate on details like this to make it perfect.
"Extra" Target Audience + Effectiveness
"Extra" Commercial Message
Advertisement Strategies
M&M Commercial Strategy + Message
Advertisement Effectiveness
3rd Commercial: M&M
4th Commercial: Pepsi
Pepsi Commercial Message
Advertisement Strategies
The target audience of this commercial are people who are around the age of 25 to 55 (all genders). This age group will most likely experience birth and growth of their own children. This commercial is effective since it uses scenes that are attractive to the target audience (a child's childhood and teenage years), making references from the important things that they care about in common, in this case is the growth of a little girl and the aging of her father. This gives an idea of the future of the target audience as their child grow older and their benefits of having "Extra".
The target audience for this commercial are mostly people with all genders who are around the age of 15 to 35. Children aren't allow to watch this type of ads (they can't even understand it), and seniors are harder to be attracted to commercials with romantic wordings. Young people around this age range will be be attracted to this kinds of commercial, they also know more about "love" than most of other people around other age ranges.
Strategies that this commercial uses include creating a character and exaggeration. It uses the red M&M chocolate as the main character since everyone knows "him" well. It also exaggerates the character by making it able to play the piano, talk, carry bags and paint nail polish for girls, etc. which exceeds the ability of a chocolate bead. The explicit message is that everyone should buy the M&Ms since he tastes so good that people all want to eat "him". The implicit message for girls is saying you'll get a guy that is as caring as the M&M in the ad, but don't do anything they won't prefer like how the girls tried to eat the M&M what those girls did. For guys, it tells that even a M&M can get pretty girls, so can you! These encourages people to buy the product.
This advertisement is effective since there are a lot of unexpected and funny parts that the M&M chocolate had thought and experienced about girls which makes him a memorable character for a lot of people. Also, the M&M was the only one singing/talking in the ad, there aren't any conversations going on in there, which makes it more interesting. The only thing that it can improve on is the M&M's singing skills, it's really unpleasant to my ears...
The target audience for this Pepsi commercial are mostly males around 7 to 27 since these people always want to be treated as a master without any hard working or outstanding skills, this commercial shows them there are a chance how their dream will come true. This commercial is also really effective since the result and plot attract males around this age. There are also a lot of funny and unexpected parts like when all the "kung fu people" raised up their Pepsi and drink them. It is also cool to make the ad silent, making it more interesting.
The explicit message is encouraging you to buy Pepsi since everyone enjoys it, even the most serious monks that has appear in the commercial. The implicit message is telling you that drinking Pepsi will give a really weak and dumb person ideas and makes them the "best" who everyone will respect like what happened to the innocent looking boy in the ad. It's also saying that even the monks make drinking Pepsi an enjoyment and habit, so will you!
This Pepsi commercial uses a metaphor, exaggeration, and it also gets really real. It uses a metaphor between the mark on the serious monk's forehead and the grown up white boy's forehead. The one that the monk have symbolizes skills, seriousness and power; and the one that the boy has symbolizes intelligence and innocence from drinking Pepsi. This commercial also gets really real by showing the skills and work required to be able to be a master at kung fu. Since the boy was weak, he gets his master's disappointment, but after he drinks Pepsi, he gets smart all of a sudden, making the serious master smiles. It also exaggerates some of the details such as after competing, every student holds up their Pepsi and start drinking them (which are not quite possible).
The End
The explicit message is telling you to buy "Extra" if you want your life to be as interesting as the man in his mid-years that has appear on the commercial. The implicit message is saying that your life will be full with good memories even if you and people around that you care about get older, a single piece of thing you made out with the "Extra" wrapper can remind you of all of those.
The strategies that this commercial uses are getting really real and taking a position. It gets realistic by showing the growth of a child with both good and sad things happening that a normal person has when they were a kid and teenager. It also takes a position by making a one sentence statement that position the product "Extra" in the minds of its audience by saying "Sometimes, the little things last the longest." This warms up the heart of its target audience.
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