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Robert Louis Stevenson

No description

Cierra Phillips

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Robert Louis Stevenson

Nov. 13. 1850 - Dec. 3. 1894 The Story of Robert Louis Stevenson The Early Days The Final Years As a Boy... Most famous for "Kidnapped", "Treasure Island", "A Child's Garden of Verses" and "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"
Treasure Island was also inspired by his life, Robert had made a map for his twelve year old son, Lloyd and that began the whole story
Wrote a series of poems, novels and short stories during his years of writing
His work is dedicated to the people who inspired the ideas in the story
ex. "A Child's Garden of Verses" was dedicated to Alison Cunningham (his nurse as a child) The Stories Story Behind the Story The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde By: Robert Louis Stevenson Jekyll and Hyde Died December 3, 1894 in Upolu, Samoa
Died of a cerebral hemorrhage
The Samoans, who looked up to him buried him on Mount Vaea overlooking the sea
The natives of Samoa called him Tusitala - meaning 'Teller of Tales' Born November 13, 1850 in Edinburgh, Scotland
Son of Thomas Stevenson and Margaret Balfour
Raised in a Presbyterian religious family
Lungs were weak due to his tuberculosis
Full time nurse by age 2
Family moved a lot to be in warmer climates
Being bedridden led him to his writing
First published work was "The Pentland
Rising" QUICK QUESTION... Were you listening? Where was Robert Louis Stevenson born?

Why was he bedridden for most of his childhood? Idea came in a dream Stevenson had one night
His wife Fanny woke him up because she thought he was having a nightmare
Based in London, England while Stevenson lived in Bournemouth, England
Studied to be a lawyer while Utterson was a lawyer in his story
Stevenson supposedly always talked about the idea of himself having a dual personality Bibliography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Louis_Stevenson
http://www.poetryfoundation.org/bio/robert-louis-stevenson QUICK QUESTION... Were you listening? Who was "A Child's Garden of Verses" dedicated to?

Who was Stevenson inspired by to write Treasure Island?
What did he make that person? Mr. Utterson, friend of Jekyll's thinks he's in big trouble
Utterson believes that Jekyll may have befriended a very bad man named Mr. Hyde
Utterson didn't know that Dr. Jekyll was taking a potion to separate his evil side from his good side
As a result of this experiment Mr. Hyde was born
After the murder of Mr. Carew, Jekyll is forced to restrain himself from taking the potion
Jekyll's body begins to change into Mr. Hyde without taking the potion and he is forced to take double and triple doses to try to reverse it
Jekyll left a letter for Mr. Utterson explaining everything and then kills himself to be free of Mr. Hyde forever Quick Question... Were you listening? What did Stevenson die from?

What did the Samoans call Stevenson?
What did it mean? Quick Question... Were you watching... What cartoon is this video from?

What is the characters name? Thank you... Stevenson's novel has stood the test of time
Jekyll and Hyde has taught us about different themes in literature
A contributor to our literary world
Thank you for watching
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