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Business Process Management

No description

jeanne sim

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Business Process Management

Management What do you know about BPM? A process-centric approach for improving business performance that combines information technology with governance methodologies What is BPM?

Process Input Output Advantages of BPM The first rule of
any technology is that
automation applied to
an efficient operation
will magnify its
efficiency. The second rule
is that automation applied to an inefficient operation
will magnify its
inefficiency Accountability Reliability Accessibility Creation of
profit goals Enhance
efficiency Disadvantages of BPM Limits innovation BPM Life-Cycle Why do BPMs fail? Ignoring
User No Training so, Early Software Configuration Silo Thinking and Development Retrenchment Inflexibility Appian

Oracle BFM Software Identify processes

Aim to reduce problems over lifetime of process

Improvement could be in
Human to Human
Human to System
System to System

Improvement to ease regulatory, market or competitive challenges Takes theoretical design and introduces combinations of variables

Involves running “what-if analysis” Purchase an off-the-shelf application

Combination of software and human intervention

Direct execution of process definition Tracking individual processes

Collect statistics

Collect information of users Identify issues faced during the process

Give possible suggestions to modify current process Founders of process management focused on incremental rather than radical innovation

Viewed improvements as controlled experiments
Standardized best practices -> increase in competence levels

BPM allow companies to achieve short-term benefits
Coordinated processes
Tangible and measurable success
Increase in skill of production Research : Why BPM limits innovation? Bubble Tea Shop (traditional) Bubble Tea Shop (with BPM) + source:youtu.be/_YXqnEXnnBk Source: EXPLOITATION, EXPLORATION AND PROCESS MANAGEMENT : THE PRODUCTIVITY DILEMMA REVISITED by Benner, Mary J., Tushman, Michael L., Academy of Management Review, April 2003 For Pleasure Viewing
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