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Important Events in Galileo's Life

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Quisha Kaila Rubis

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Important Events in Galileo's Life

Important Events in Galileo's Life
-Enrolls in the University of Pisa to pursue a degree of medicine.
-Appearance of Kepler's Nova in the sky: Galileo debates it significance with conservative scholars.
Summer of 1609
-News of the invention of the telescope reaches Italy: Galileo's develops his own device in August.
January 1610
December 1614
Father Tommasso Caccini attacks Galileo in sermon in Florence, and later denounces him to the Inquisition.
- Dialogue Concerning in the Two Chief World Systems published in Florence with tentative Papal approval.
Febuary 15,1564
-Birth of Galileo Galilei
Summer of 1581
Autumn of 1609
-He made his first observation using the telescope he invented.
Galileo discovers four
moons orbiting Jupiter
June 21,1633
Final interrogation. The following day,Galileo is officially charged with heresy;he is forced to confess his errors,renounce the Copernican system,and accept the Church judgement. He is sentenced to imprisonment '' for a period determinable at our pleasure''.
February 1632
January 8,1642
- Death of Galileo
- At the age 77
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